Five Tips For Starting A Hood Cleaning Company

October 4, 2019

Thinking of starting a hood cleaning business? Great news for you, this is a rising industry and you are just on the right track! These days, most people get caught up in their day to day living, oftentimes overlooking important aspects in their homes and businesses such as extensive cleaning and maintenance. This is where hood cleaning businesses come in, in keeping the hood and kitchen vents clean and performing well. 

Homeowners and restaurant owners are able to clean off their hoods, but only to a certain extent. They will not be able to clean far-reaching dirt and oil build-up as these types of jobs require experts and high-grade cleaning products.  And between the air ducts of the kitchen vents, forget about it!

You may be the next person to start a company that can bridge the gap between these kitchen owners and their need to keep their area safe and sanitary. These are five things to know for starting a hood cleaning company


Knowledge is key and knowing your target market is a great way to jumpstart your business. Scout the area for a lively neighborhood with families that cook at home and for restaurants or food providers, too. Places with large metropolitan areas are ideal especially those with a downtown scene since many restaurants will be opened up there too. Set up your office (on-ground) and a website or social media page where potential customers can view and book your services easily. 


Invest in quality equipment. These can be sourced locally or internationally. Be sure to properly research on the items you need to buy and read reviews to assure quality. Some items that you may need are Spray Guns, High Pressure Hoses, Floor Dryers, as well as Personal Protective Gear. You may also need to source for Poly Wash Pads, Exhaust Fan Handle, Plastic Sheeting, magnets and the like. A vehicle can be queued on your must-haves once you start earning. 


The National Fire Protection Association and the NFPA Code 96 requires restaurants to abide by the safety and sanitary rules including thorough cleaning of vents and hoods. It is important to train your manpower in expertly performing their jobs. Some schools also offer Exhaust Hood Cleaning Certification, which can come in helpful when offering your company’s services. 


As a company in a city that has a high need for you with many restaurants out there, but minimal companies in the restaurant hood cleaning niche, you control the price. Since these restaurants are not going to have too many companies to shop around too, they are likely to use your services if they call you, so you can hold the price highScout the area for competitors and check their prices. If you are confident that your company offers a better service, you can set your rates a little higher. If not, be sure to communicate that you offer a competitive price. 


This is one of our top choices this year for businesses to start. Your work spreads rapidly between restaurants around town. Once you start having clients, it is important to build your network. Many of these restaurants communicate with each other and will often refer business to one another. You do right by each of these restaurant owners and do your job to a spectacular level, they will refer you to the other guys. Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on your social media pages or websites. You may also ask for referrals for other home or restaurant owners that may need help in Detroit or for Warren hood cleaning.

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