How to Choose the Best Photo Album

October 18, 2019

In the digital era, it is easy to capture high-quality photos and writing compelling text. However, the difficult part is preservation. A photograph can be taken with a single click, but later it will be left in the phone and won’t be impressive any more. How do we store and manage the most precious part chosen from thousands of images? How can your ideas be accessible now and in the future? Try to DIY scrapbook album. Now, we can help you find a home for your memories and thoughts by choosing a photo album. Below are three main types of the photo album on the market. We might guide you through the following details.

Leather Photo Album

Leather albums are high-end, luxurious, and durable, which always shows the elegant temperament. It provides a comfortable sense of touch, making the photo album look classier, and better protects the inner pages. Additionally, it makes the look of the album brisk, concise and full of modern and fashionable sense.

One such example is VEESUN’s Refillable Scrapbook Photo Album. It is a type of embossed leather photo album, which can meet your general requirement for a scrapbook album. It has a perfect performance in this field with various advantages. First, PU leather used is not only durable but also gives the book a vintage look with high ornamental value. Second, the stainless-steel structure, fixed by the rings that can be easily opened and closed. Third, each album comes with 2 sheets of photo corners and 30 sheets of black photo cards so as to facilitate the installation of photos. Of course, you can also choose to fix the photos with glue. Last but not least, it can be embossed with a variety of patterns.

For example, one kind of them is patterned with Christmas icon reindeer. It would be the best choice for saving your family’s Christmas memories or Christmas gifts to give away. What’s more, elegantly designed “Butterfly Girl” scrapbook- can take you to the heroine in the story. It would be the ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, etc. Additionally, the “Love” scrapbook inspired by the Valentine’s Day gift idea, comes with the lace pendant decoration making this book elegant and romantic. It must be a perfect idea of creating your unique gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversary that can fully express your affection.

Linen Photo Album

Why do we choose linen fabric for the cover of the album? Compared with cotton, linen fabrics are heavier, and approximately 30% stronger. It can protect the cardboards and inner pages more excellently, extending the life of the album. Additionally, they are cool to the touch and light in weight. Linen boasts longevity, luster, and lovely texture. Nowadays, linen has become a representative of people’s pursuit of a healthy and relaxing way of life, which is beneficial to the body and mind. For example, the beautiful linen photo album from VEESUN has excellent features. Its stainless-steel rings can be opened and closed easily. You can feel free to remove or refill photo cards. Besides, it can hold approximately 45-50 completed pages and 30 sheets of black photo cards.

Plastic Photo Album

The plastic photo album is the most common one that is reasonably priced. It is moisture-proof and crease-resistant, which can better preserve all the photos inside. However, considering environmental protection, it is not the best choice since plastic is not environmental-friendly.

You might now have more knowledge of scrapbook album and become clearer of choosing the best photo album. A scrapbook can be a perfect gift idea to keep your memories alive, especially on some big days. As for a start, VEESUN would be the best choice.

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