A Guide To Help You Become A Personal Trainer

November 28, 2019

If you love fitness and you are passionate about helping other people, consider becoming a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with different people. You’ll have to use your creativity to develop different teaching styles so that you can get the best out of every client. You’ll also enjoy lots of flexibility. You can set your own schedule every week and charge your own rate. Here is a closer look at the demands of being a personal trainer so that you can find out if the profession is a great fit.

Steps To Becoming A Personal Trainer

Getting Certified

In order to start your career, you have to get personal training certified. Look for an accredited certifying organization. Research different organizations. Check to see if they offer a national or international certification. You’ll likely be asked to take an exam. Find out how much it costs to take the exam. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay extra to attend the workshops and purchase study materials. Some of the certifying organizations include the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

Find Your Niche

There are several places available for you to train your clients. You may choose to train them at your home, a private studio, or a health club. Consider the geography of your state. You may save time and money by providing in home training. Try to find a place where you can train multiple clients without having to travel long distances.


In order to stay certified as a professional trainer, it’s important that you stay up-to-date on the latest fitness and health trends. The IDEA Health & Fitness Association offers several online courses. The American Council on Exercise offers touring workshops that allow you to earn different credits. There are also multiple Empower Fitness Events’ conferences held in various cities throughout the year.

Establishing Your Business

As you start to gain work experience, you’ll have to decide if you want to be a Sole Proprietor or set up your business as a Limited Liability Company. You’ll have to keep track of information regarding licensing, budgeting, accounting and taxes. Initially, you’ll have to spend your own money to purchase equipment such as weights, resistance bands and exercise balls. You’ll also have to cover all of your business expenses.

Liability Insurance

As a personal trainer, you must have professional liability insurance. Having this is vital to stay protected from unforeseen accidents and claims. Protect yourself, your business, and your clients by finding liability insurance information that’s right for you.


Developing a marketing plan is a great way to attract new clients. Create a website and hand out some business cards. Due to the popularity of social media, create a profile on Facebook and Twitter. Staying active on social media helps you connect with your current clients and potentially gain several new ones. As you head to different seminars, be sure to network with some of your peers.

Be Unique

In order to succeed as a personal trainer, you have to obtain clients and figure out ways to establish a long term connection. Listen to your clients and make the appropriate adjustments based on how they are feeling. Give your clients regular assessments every month to help them track their progress. Also, consider creating a workout plan for your clients to follow during their leisure time.

Make Time For Yourself

Avoid catching the personal trainer burnout syndrome. Make time for your own personal workouts and hobbies. Take a week off to refresh your mind and body. Taking some time for yourself allows you to stay passionate and energetic about helping your clients reach their fitness goals.

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