Five Outdoor Date Ideas For The Nature Loving Couple

February 19, 2020

For the couple with an intense love for nature, being outdoors can be more romantic than having a candlelit dinner in an expensive restaurant. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there is no better way to celebrate the occasion than by being somewhere and doing something you both love — exploring the outdoors. 

If you are thinking of going out with your significant other (SO) this Valentine’s Day, here are some excellent outdoor-date ideas for a fun and exciting celebration. 

Go Sledding

Many people have fond childhood memories of climbing hills and sledding down their slopes during winter. Just because you and your SO are adults now does not mean you cannot play like children again. That said, why not hit the hills and go sledding with your partner this time? If your sled tips over, you can always lie on the snow and make snow angels together.

Try Glamping

The season may be too cold for camping, so why not prepare your glamping gear and go glamping instead? Glamping comes from the combination of the words glamorous and camping. It is camping, but with most of, if not all, the amenities you may need, and you will be staying in a warm, spacious cabin or tent the whole time. The two of you still get to enjoy spending time outdoors, sitting around a bonfire, and watching the stars but in more comfortable accommodations. 

Check out this guide to prepare a successful glamping trip

Hit The Rink

Ice Skating

Take advantage of the season, and hit the ice with your partner. Not everyone’s a gifted ice skater, but do not let that ruin your fun. You can always hold hands to keep each other from falling. If you do fall, no one is going to laugh at you two except each other. After skating, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, and find a cozy spot where you can take a break. 

Go On A Hike

Hiking is an enjoyable activity when you are alone, but going with your partner makes it even more special. Out in the wilderness, it feels like you and your SO are the only people in the world. It is a kind of privacy and intimacy that you cannot get when you are sharing a restaurant or cinema with a bunch of other people. 

Before going on a hike, though, check if the weather is conducive for going outdoors. Romance will be the last thing on your minds if both of you are too busy trying not to freeze to death. 

If the weather works with you, hiking can be one of the most romantic and intimate date activities you can do with your partner. 

Go For A Scenic Bike Ride

If you and your SO are hard-core cyclists, you likely love being on your bikes as much as you enjoy spending time together. As such, you may as well celebrate Valentine’s Day with the two things you love the most — cycling and each other.

As always, consult your local weather channel or app to see if it is safe to ride outdoors. Slippery roads and freezing temperatures increase your risk of getting into a fatal accident. Also, check with the person in charge of your planned destination if it is safe to ride on the day you are scheduled to go.

Before going out, dress accordingly, and pack all your essentials. Do not forget to bring your cycling training gadgets and tools, like your power meter, navigator, and fitness tracker, in case you need them. Prioritize your safety at all times.

Final Words

There is more to romantic dates than candlelit dinners, flowers, and boxes of expensive chocolates (not that there is anything wrong with them). Dates do not always have to be grand to be romantic.

It does not matter that you and your partner are not having a gourmet meal at a fancy French restaurant. What matters is that you two are doing something you love and are enjoying the moment together.

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