Tips On How To Care For Your Feet Daily

February 25, 2020

Your feet are a phenomenal part of your body, because despite being smaller compared to other parts of your body; they support all of your body weight. Your feet ferry you around every day as you run your errands and travel to different destinations. For this sole reason, you need to care for your feet, since they are very crucial where your well-being is concerned. You need to keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and strong; if you want them to continue serving you. Because you are continually using your feet, they are prone to injuries. Additionally, people are rather unfair to their feet because they subject them to several discomforts. Rather than spending your time and money trying to remedy problems, you can take some time every day to properly care for your feet and prevent these problems. Here are some things that you could do daily to care for your feet:

1. Wash Your Feet Daily

No matter how clean or conscientious you are, you probably skip washing your feet every once in a while. Carefully cleaning your feet in the shower can be a pain, but it is crucial if you want your feet to remain healthy. Your feet spend a big chunk of the day caged inside your shoes. All the sweat and moisture that comes with being inside shoes provide a fertile environment for bacteria to thrive. Moreover, your toe spaces are very hospitable for fungi and bacteria. 

Therefore when you neglect your feet when showering, you are allowing this dirt to accumulate on. Thus you may end up getting skin issues such as fungal infections, and cracked heels. With just regular bathing soap you can clean your feet enough. After showering, make sure you dry your feet well enough. If you already have cracked heels, you can look for tips on how to get rid of cracked heels, so that your feet can go to their previous glory. If your feet tend to sweat, you could also apply foot powder to keep them dry for much longer.

2. Wear Comfy Socks

Most of the time, people will take care to wear the right shoe, but neglect the socks. Socks are an essential aspect of caring for your feet daily. Soft socks add an extra layer of shock absorption as you are walking and you can get these kind of socks at They also provide a barrier between the shoes and your feet and subsequently reduce risks of getting calluses and blisters. Finally, naturally breathable socks also help to keep your feet sweat-free and soft.

3. Get Comfortable Shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes could bring your feet many health issues. Unnaturally high heels and shoes that are too small for your feet; are some of these uncomfortable shoes. Such shoes can cause ingrown toenails, corns, severe foot pain, and bunions. Wearing shoes that are too large also stop your heels from settling properly inside the shoe as you walk; which may result in sore heels, blisters, and even calluses.

An excellent tip when searching for a well-fitted shoe is to go shopping in the evening. That is because your feet “stretch out” later on in the day, so it is best to buy shoes when your foot size is as it is maximum. Also, look for shoes that are not likely to damage your feet’s ligaments and bone structure. For instance, you want to stay away from wearing high heels daily. Also, look for shoes made from breathable natural materials that will not trap moisture in. Finally, if you have to wear slightly uncomfortable shoes at work, you could carry an extra pair to wear once working hours are done.

4. Take Walks

The muscles in your feet are similar to those in the rest of your body, because they need to be exercised for them to remain strong. The best kind of exercises for your feet is taking a walk. The walks do not need to be too long, but a daily walk around your neighborhood will keep your ligaments flexible and your muscles firms. If your feet get sore when you walk, you can use shoe inserts to support your weight and help you walk properly. For the best outcome, try to walk on softer ground for added cushioning. Moreover, take your walks in proper walking shoes.

5. Moisturize Your Feet

The wear and tear that your feet endure daily may cause them to become scaly, cracked or dry. The problem is notably worse if you live in a sunny climate and that is why you need to moisturize. Moisturizing is easy, because all you need is to put some lotion on your feet. Creams containing shea butter and cocoa butter are especially very beneficial. Moisturizing keeps your feet healthy and soft.

If you follow then tips daily, your feet will stay healthy and soft.

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