Why Every Woman Dreams Of Living In A Fairytale Castle

March 28, 2020

Most women who grew up watching Disney films saw that every Disney princesses have their own fairytale castles, prince charmings, and their happily ever afters. We cannot deny that at some point in our lives, we have dreamed of having fancy castles to live in, and our own kingdoms to rule. However, commoners like us do not necessarily get to buy a castle in one snap of a finger and suddenly rule a nation, especially in this day and age. 

If you are wondering if it is still possible to experience what and how it is like to live in a fairytale castle, you have come to the right place because you actually can. Realistically speaking, fairytale castles here may not have fairy godmothers transforming pumpkins to carriages, mice to horses, or birds that will get you fresh apples from a nearby tree every waking day. However, 24-hour room service can be the perfect substitute to the kind of fairytale-like experience that you are looking for, especially if you are craving for a glass of wine or a medium-rare ribeye steak in the middle of the night.

The grandeur and opulence that fairytale castles offer can sweep any women (and even men) off their feet. The sheer interior that these places have is enough to take you to a different dimension, especially if you are stressed about your personal life, relationships, career, and basically everything that you could possibly think of at this moment. You may not get to have your own castle, but you can at least get to experience what and how it feels to live in such a beautiful place.

What can you Expect from The Castle Hotel?

Staying in The Castle Hotel will make you feel as if Disney himself came up with fairytale castles, and even more. Every inch of the property is nothing short of perfection, and a tourist who chooses to stay in such a beautiful place would feel like a princess, maybe even a queen.

If you are planning to visit China or explore their unique cuisine, make sure you dropby at the The Castle Hotel. The Castle Hotel is a 5-star Hotel situated in No. 600, West Binhai Road of Shahekou District in Dalian, China. The Castle Hotel is under the Luxury Collection brand of the Marriott Bonvoy. The Marriot Bonvoy owns 30 leading hotel brands and over 6,900 properties across the globe and can be synonymous with a fairytale-like experience because of how magnificent their entire properties are.

The Castle Hotel boasts a large 2,000 square meter luxury spa, and 450 square meters indoor pool. Inside the property, the picturesque lounge areas, elegant bars with mouthwatering dishes would surely take you to a different place. Not only that, The Castle Hotel is built among the rich grassy landscape of Lotus Mountain, but the blue ocean view surrounding the property would give you that perfect Instagram photo for people to see.

The hotel is also conveniently located at the Capital of Romance. If you want to get out of The Castle Hotel to see some new sights, Dalian Railway Station is 3.5 miles away. The Dalian Forest Zoo is 1.6 miles away from The Castle Hotel. Jinshatan Resort is 0.7 miles away from fairytale castle, and should you wish to leave and go back to the reality, and the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is 6.2 miles away. 

Every woman (and man) imaginable would want to stay and bask in the luxurious ambiance of The Castle Hotel because it is enough to take your mind off your worries, even just for a day. You will definitely feel like a queen (and a king) because of how over-the-top their services are.

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