5 Places Around Bangalore You Should Plan To Visit On The Next Long Weekend!

April 4, 2020

With the splendor of tall skyscrapers and being technologically advanced, Bangalore has always been in a rush. The people of Banglore are always in some sort of competition and they do not have the time, even for their own selves, forget about their near and dear ones. It is a good thing to work like this, but what is equally important is to have a relaxing time. A time where you can calm your senses and bring back your energetic soul. For this you might need to get away from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of the city to a far-off place.

There are a number of places around Bangalore that are near the nature and are enough to calm your mind. Anyways, we have shorted down the long list of places to visit in Bangalore that you should go on the next long weekend and all these places are within the span of 300kms near Bangalore.

Here are the best places to visit in Bangalore-

  1. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is one of the famous weekend spots near Bangalore and is hardly a route of 5 hours. It has giant mountains, humble valleys, rejuvenating coffee and Hebbel Falls that attracts everyone to this place. It is a main attraction among the trekkers. The scene from up above the mountain of the beauty of nature comes as a blessing to the eyes; there is nothing more beautiful than that.
How Far? : 250kms away



  1. Yercaud

Located in the Eastern Ghats, it is known for its greenery and plantations and soothing silence that attracts the tired people from the city. When you visit Yercaud, you must see the Kiliyur Falls, Pagoda point and Yercaudlake.

How Far? : 220kms away

  1. Wayanad

You must be a little surprised to find Wayanad in this list of 5 best long weekend points near Bangalore because Wayanad is in Kerala. Although, Wayanad is in Kerala, it is near Bangalore and makes it a perfect weekend place of interest. There are a number of things that you could do in Wayanad that will bring you close to nature and hence mother earth as well. On your visit to Wayanad, you should plan a trek to Chembra peak 2,100 high and the scene from that point is breathtaking. Apart from the trek, there is a bamboo factory which you should visit.

How Far? : 265kms away



  1. Bandipur National Park

The tumult of the techie town makes a buzzing and annoying whirl in your head. Bandipur National Park offers you 874 square kilometers of area to make you free from that state of exasperation. You will also find a number of options available for your comfortable stay. Here you will find tigers, gaurs, sloth bears, Indian giant squirrels and many more other species of animals as well as plants.

How Far? : 220kms away




  1. Belur

It is not necessary that the weekend gateway has to be a thrilling or mountain enclosed point. If you are looking for eternal peace, then you can also visit this place which is on the bank of River Yagachi. It has many temples that are a prominent living example of the ancient architecture India owns.
How far? : 220.5kms away.

From amusement park to breathtaking sightseeing in bangalore, here is a rundown of 20 must-visit attractions in Bangalore that are well worth setting aside some effort to explore. It’s additionally worth investigating the territory around Bangalore. There are numerous spots of intrigue, regardless of whether you’re after a break from city life or are a guest who needs to go through a day getting a charge out of the bounteous excellence of Mother Nature.

Now, it’s a brilliant mix of at various times. In spite of the fact that Bangalore might not have the same number of notorious attractions as other significant urban areas in India, it has an incredible blend of history, design, culture, otherworldliness, and nature. Here are the top vacationer spots to visit in

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