How do you Build a Healthy relationship?

April 22, 2020

In as much as people view relationships differently, every relationship must have certain ingredients for it to be defined as either healthy or unhealthy. In fact, some people are in unhealthy relationships, yet they can’t tell it because emotions often cloud someone’s judgment, or people feel safer without thinking about insecurities.

Everyone wishes that they could have a perfect relationship, the one that is always real and possible only in movies. While no one is perfect, you can comfortably live with acknowledging someone’s weaknesses and helping them become better versions of themselves instead of making them feel ridiculed. That is why most people would rather go for relationship counselling instead of throwing everything under the bus, even if things don’t seem to be waking. Healthy relationships are like ambitions, and ambitions are priceless. You have to master the art from the word go.

So, how do you build and forge a healthy relationship? Well, check out on the following tips:


Communication shouldn’t just be for the sake of just passing information. It should be open, honest, and respectful. Communication is vital in making sure that you understand your partner’s needs, expectations, and preferences. Healthy communication also ensures that both of you are free to discuss issues and solve them before they get worse.


Respect is two way. Your partner will only respect you if you also show respect to yourself and to the relationship. In other words, your significant other should know that you always appreciate their feelings and don’t take them for granted. They should also know that you value their ideas and presence in the relationship.


Anyone who doesn’t understand the need for privacy in a healthy relationship requires serious relationship counseling. The fact that you are partners doesn’t demand that you share everything without giving each other space. In fact, if you aren’t yet married, giving your partner their space is the best thing you can do. In other words, everyone has a right to keeping some parts of their life secret, especially when they don’t see any compelling reason to share it with you. For instance, things that happened before you met shouldn’t be your business if your partner chooses to keep it that way. Instead, share and enjoy what brings you together.

Create B  oundaries

Lastly, it would be great if you defined your boundaries as partners. Setting boundaries simply means having a deeper understanding of each other’s expectations in as far as being in that relationship is concerned. Don’t confuse creating boundaries with misguided loyalty or secrecy because it helps you be the real you without offending anyone or breaking someone’s heart. For instance, some of the boundaries that you can set include keeping personal friends and not sharing social media, email, and phone passwords. Remember, the root cause of many hurting relationships is a misguided notion about not creating boundaries once you are partners. No, you can never be one. In as much as you love each other, you are still two different people with distinct personalities.

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