Comprehensive Guide To The Multi-Functional Postpartum Girdles

April 29, 2020

There is no surprise that most of the expecting mothers do not find the post-pregnancy stages a bit more of a terrible bandwagon. But in actuality, you need to know that your body does change a lot after giving birth to a newborn. And it not only comes to your tummy, but also the bulges, flab, and pouches that no one has ever told you earlier. Undoubtedly, lack of sleep, no time for taking a shower, and those weird stretch marks somehow make it harder to love our body once again.

But do not worry, it can be done while enjoying the wonders of a new journey — with the best postpartum girdle. You can gradually see yourself going numbers down in various areas. As giving birth is breathtaking, you have a lovely kid by your side, and breastfeeding helps you in burning tons of calories. Yes, that actually happens!

So what is it? We have made it easier for you with our brief guide, take a look!

If you are wondering how ordinary maternity shapewear can help you with this? How can it make you look “better” instead of flawless? Well, it is not that bad to skip being flawless this time. And another thing these girdles are not ordinary, they are highly functional. Moreover, it is about feeling comfortable.

Check out a few benefits that come with a Bellefit postpartum girdle.

  • Firstly, it aids your body and helps it in returning to its previous brilliance. Also, it guides your body to have a retreat, and surely you will admire the extra abdominal support.
  • The most notable thing that comes with a postpartum girdle before and after is the comfort. Especially when everything seems to be droopy and achy, or just out of place. You start to feel more centered.
  • For the mothers who got a C-section, these modern yet practical shapewear assists in maintaining a buffer between the routine outfits and stitches. Indeed, you can focus on your baby’s essentials rather than worrying about the scars.
  • If you are assuming on regaining your pre-pregnancy posture, then again, you have another reason to go with the best postpartum girdles. They act as a gentle reminder every time you take a curve. So you face everything while sitting up straight as it eases back pain as well. Sounds great, isn’t that?

How do these functional girdles actually work?

When you choose a correct sized Bellefit postpartum girdle, it nimbly supports your back, restrains your muscles, and keeps you in slimmer shape. Also, it offers that extra support that every mother needs while breastfeeding their little while releasing the pressure through back and legs. Another surprising fact is that they have been used for centuries to heal from conditions like diastasis recti pregnancy symptoms that are common after giving birth. Along with this, it keeps the severe swelling at bay as your belly is wrapped by the girdle. As a result, your capillaries and blood vessels get compressed, and the non-essential fluids are flushed from your skin layers.

Buying the best postpartum girdle online.

So now, as you are convinced and all set to reap its benefits, this brief guide will help you further. Please make sure to avoid wearing it during the pregnancy as the compression levels can harm your growing baby. It is only meant for wearing it post-delivery! If you still feel a bit nervous to try it on, do not hesitate to check with your doctor.

Now, let us move onto the key steps!

  • As a thumb rule, the shapewear should not be visible under your clothes.
  • It should be thin, lightweight, and breathable enough.
  • Look for something that can provide you balanced compression.
  • It is always recommended to go one size up to be completely comfortable.
  • Try on a Bellefit postpartum girdle that comes with anti-slip silicone bands. So there is no chance of slipping down.

Do not forget to follow these critical tips while buying one online. So, what are you waiting for? Explore, choose, and take the plunge! And even the C-section mothers can wear postpartum girdles, there is no need to hesitate. Wear them proudly! But do not forget to confirm with your doctor beforehand as every pregnancy is different.

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