Preparing Your Home For Teenagers

June 4, 2020

The transition between a toddler to a young child is relatively straightforward. As your children hit eight or nine years old, life can become a little calmer. For many families, this is the calm before the storm and is a precious time to enjoy before they become teenagers! 

Our homes, until this point, have been about kids having a safe space to run around, access to their parents, and a nice quiet zone to sleep in at night. As your children hit their teens, they are going to need more private spaces and will start to develop hobbies and interests that you, as an adult, might not want to be a part of! You and your partner are also going to want to have defined moments and areas of your home where you can rest and recuperate after a long week at work. Teenagers have fantastic social lives, and this often means a houseful of other children on weekends. 

Investing in your home before your children hit their teenage years could be one of the best choices you make. Not only are you increasing the value of your property, but you are also ensuring as the family grows, you all have space to live in harmony. 

Adding an extension to your property does not have to mean a huge budget. You could make use of existing buildings such as your garage. With a little bit of love and attention, you could give your children their own space for socializing, gaming, and watching the TV.

Do your research on how to create a cool garage renovation. As children like to make a noise when they are together, you should research the best soundproofing insulation installation for your type of outbuilding. You should also look at other ways to reduce noise, such as flooring. Heating will be essential too, but this does not have to be expensive. 

Create a space that offers them an easy to clean, but comfortable environment where they are free to come and go throughout the day. If you have a large enough garage, you could also add an extra bedroom so friends can come and stay without anyone having to sleep on your sofa or invade your beautiful guest room! 

Teenagers love independence so having their own area, which can grow with them, will make them feel happy and grown-up. You could even give them some responsibility for the decoration, as they get older. So they make this a completely unique part of your home which grows into an adult-free zone. 

We need to allow our kids the freedom to grow and find their own feet, and we also need to maintain some of our adult life and enjoy evenings without having to compromise on what we watch on the TV or listen to loud music when we are trying to read! So invest in your home and your future and give your children the gift of space so they can enjoy more precious moments at home. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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