Learning Piano – The four popular styles you can opt for

July 17, 2020

Music heals! And music lessons add to one’s skill and art. It also stimulates the mind and helps people to get in touch with their creative selves. Knowing various piano styles makes you an improved piano player. Don’t know which piano style to opt-in for? You can refer to the four types of piano music and lessons and learn about famous artists who specialized in that piano art form.

For piano lessons, you need to search for a music school and opt-in for the piano classes. Browse online to find one in your area. To know more, you can start scheduling piano lessons in Smithtown NY.

The types of piano lessons

  1. Classical Piano

All through 1750 and 1820, the classical piano was performed by the elite and royalty class in Europe. Three famous composers who had paved the path for classical piano composition are Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. And as years passed by, this form of piano changed in essence from the renaissance to romantic and baroque art form. The famous artists who popularize this form include Wagner, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Debussy, and Handel.

Most students in Smithtown NYopt for classical piano at their first piano lesson. It’s a strong technique and has a compact music theory. It’s the base! If you don’t understand classical piano, you can’t train yourself on other piano styles. Most music branched from the classic piano style. Artists like Cliburn deserve mention here, who was a famous American piano player and inspires several amateur piano students to date.

  1. Musical Theatre Piano

Theatre and piano walk hand in hand! The piano is a widely used musical instrument for theatre and has shaped musical theatre. Usually, the musical theatre accompanists are required to be versatile and excellent sight-readers. The musical theatre pianists can search for work and perform in the pit band shows. Also, they can work as accompanists along with the singers during audition sessions.

Before enrolling in the piano schools in Smithtown NY,listen to a few old Broadway lyricists and composers to gain inspiration. The well-known names include Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart and Rodgers and Hammerstein. Today, you will come across multiple Broadway composers, such as Steven Schwartz, Steven Sondheim, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. As you enroll for lessons, you can also listen to other famous pianists who’ve had a significant impact on performing and writing musical theatre, such as Jason Robert Brown. He’s known for his works like “The last 5 years” and “Songs for a New World.”

  1. Jazz Piano

The American jazz piano was marked back in 1918! Here pianists like Fats Waller, Scott Joplin, and Jelley Roll Morton made their mark. They played in the jazz piano scene in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. Back then, Jazz Piano used to be a rebellious music expression and branched from classic techniques, rhythms, and harmony. Also, the jazz music integrates ragtime, rhythmic patterns, swing, boogie-woogie, improvisation, captivating melodies, and many more. Most people found solace in this piano form during The Great Depression. Furthermore, it marked an essential name in history where Europeans, Latinos, Asians, and African-Americans used to come together for the spirit of music in America.

The famous piano schools in Smithtown NYrecommend listening to some renowned jazz pianists such as Waller, Morton, and Joplin. You can also take inspiration from Herbie Hancock, an expert American keyboardist, and pianist. Some of his acclaimed albums comprise Possibilities, Maiden Voyages, and Head Hunters.

  1. Rock and Pop Piano

This piano forum started way back in the 50s, and it integrated into rock and pop songs. Back in the 70s, piano artists used the keyboard heavily and gave way to electric sounds. It’s no mean task to train as a pop/rock composer and piano player. The piano teachers and guides in Smithtown NYwill put you into a rigorous training schedule for this. It is one of the most rewarding piano types round the globe.

If you’re training at rock/pop piano, you will bag the best-paid work. You can play in the session recordings, cover bands, and touring performances. Many students also graduate to playing at wedding gigs. This piano type sets you free to explore multiple sounds because the charts are forever changing.

Before you decide to take lessons on this piano type, take time to listen to expert pianists from this genre. You might even get to learn a few performance tricks gradually. The famous names include Billy Joel and Elton John, who are music veterans who have mostly had sold-out stadium shows.

As a piano enthusiast, you might want to learn more than one type of piano lessons. The Smithtown NYmusic schools will offer provisions for that. However, it’s a smart call to get trained in classical piano first and then diversify your skill. Take time to learn and practice to become the master of your craft.

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