8 Baby Essentials That Every First-Time Parent Should Have

August 20, 2020

Being a parent is a full-time job. You can’t really take a break because your child needs constant care and love. This is especially true for first-time parents. Remember that young children need extra care because they are not yet mobile enough to move around, they are also very vulnerable to injury. So you will need to equip yourself with the right equipment. Here are 8 essential things that every first-time parent should have.

1. Baby stroller

Transporting your baby should be done with the utmost care and safety. Remember that your baby is very vulnerable to any type of impact. Their bones are still brittle and forming. So any type of damage can be life-threatening. You should select your baby strollers with utmost care. They should have a strong and wide base to handle the baby’s weight. Features such as storage space and maneuverability should also be considered. Baby strollers can be needlessly expensive, so you should have a set budget when selecting a stroller. Luckily online retailers such as Babylic have a wide variety of quality and affordable strollers available. 

2. Car seats

Car rides can be a hazard for babies because throughout the ride the car will be jostling, turning, and stopping. So if you are going to take your baby out for a ride, it is important that you have a reliable car seat on hand. Car seats are specifically made to give young children a safe seat in the car. They are padded and designed to support the baby’s head and body from impact. There are various designs for car seats and most of their features include seat-belts and recline features that allow the child to lean back for comfort. Most car seats also have a handle for easy transport and storage.

3. Baby carriers

There will be places where your baby stroller won’t be able to access. It could be a cramped store or bookshop. This is where baby carriers come in. Baby carriers are containers specially designed to transport a baby with ease and safety. They are like modified backpacks that allow the parent to keep their child close. 


Baby carriers can be worn in two ways. One way is to strap it to your chest. This allows you to keep a constant watch over your baby. That way, should any emergency arise you can shield your baby in an instant. The only setback is that your mobility will be a bit limited. If you choose to wear the baby carrier on your back, it will give you more mobility and use of your arms, but you won’t be able to constantly see your baby. So you’ll have to constantly look over your shoulder to check.

4. Baby monitors

Although babies can be immobile in the first few months, they won’t always stay that way. Once they become toddlers, they will be able to walk and move around. This added mobility and their curiosity can be a dangerous combination. So you will have to keep an eye on them all the time. You can do this by adding baby monitors all over your home. Traditional baby monitors are radio systems that can remotely listen to sounds made by the baby.  More modern versions are more like video recorders that can monitor the baby’s movements. Some baby monitors can provide two-way communication as well. This allows the parent to speak to the baby or sing them lullabies. 


  1. Breast pump


For the first few months of infancy, babies can only drink breast milk. But if you are a working mom you won’t always have the time to hunker down and nurse your baby. This is where breast pumps come in. They are apparatuses that will allow you to pump and store breast milk. By doing so you will have a steady supply of breast milk for your baby.


  1. Diaper Bags


If there’s one thing every parent should have, it is a sturdy diaper bag. Baby’s constantly need diapers. So you will need to pack as many diapers with you as possible. Diaper bags are the go-to bags of most parents. So aside from diapers, your diaper bag should also have wet-wipes, emergency baby food, and toys to keep the baby entertained. When you purchase a diaper bag, you should make sure that it has a lot of storage space, and it is as portable as possible. 


  1. Face masks and disinfectants

Seeing as we are going through a pandemic, it is important that you are prepared. Everyone is vulnerable to COVID-19, so you will have to be as meticulous as possible.  Face masks are key during the pandemic because COVID-19 is spread through infected droplets. So you will need to fill your diaper bag with face-masks and disinfectants. Disinfectants are also important because you’ll need to disinfect your home of harmful bacteria. You should also bring disposable gloves, that way you can avoid touching surfaces and objects that are potentially contaminated. During these uncertain times, it always pays to be prepared. 


  1. Toys and baby books


Infancy is one of the formative years in a child’s life. If you want your baby to develop both mentally and physically, you should provide them with the right tools to expand their imaginations. Toys are perfect because they can both educate and entertain. Toys such as large rubber building blocks and stuffed toys are great because they are soft and are not choking hazards. Baby books are also a great source of knowledge and fun for kids because they have illustrations that will entertain your baby for hours on end. 



Raising a baby is quite a responsibility, and you will need all the help you can get. Luckily, with these baby essentials, you’ll be armed with the right tools and get started on the right track.

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