Five Extras You Will Not Regret Buying For Your Baby

August 25, 2021

There are definitely a few essentials you will need for your baby, and these generally include things like a stroller, a car seat, a baby carrier, baby monitors, and a few others. Although, you probably already have the essentials prepared, as most pregnant moms-to-be prepare for their little ones well in advance. However, there are a few extras that do not quite fit into the essential category. Yet these extras will definitely be worth the spend, as they will make your little one’s first year a lot more peaceful and comforting. 

Bath Support Chair

A baby bath support chair is definitely worth the small extra spend. They are available in various designs, which offer different levels of comfort and convenience for your little one while they are bathing. It can be tricky to clean a baby without any support chair, as newborns cannot hold up their head for some time, so you will otherwise be bathing your baby with one hand while supporting their head, neck, and upper back with the other. You can purchase a comfortable quality baby bath support chair from ToyBox.

Relaxing Baby Bounce Chair

A bounce chair is another baby item that you can do without, although it will bring your little one a ton of comfort, as they are suitable for daytime naps as well. Electronic versions offer various automated features and standard ones that you will have to bounce yourself using your hand or even your foot. 

Soothing Sound Machine

A soothing sound machine is not specifically a baby device, as adults are known to use them to assist with sleep. These devices play a series of relaxing sounds ranging from nature to white noise and everything in between. It’s a worthwhile investment to get your newborn into a stable sleep time routine that will ensure you aren’t likely to experience nighttime troubles and difficulty getting your tot to fall asleep in the evenings. 

A Play Gym

Play gyms are simply incredible inventions. They are comfortable mats fitted with overhanging padded tubes. The tubes usually have a series of toys and textured materials attached, and you can place your baby on the mat to enjoy the toys. These encourage your little one to reach for the toys, develop rolling-over skills, and even help them to sit up. 

Responsive Teddy Bear

Responsive teddy bears are not essentials. But yet again, they will provide your little one with extra comfort that can assist with nighttime routines. These teddy bears can be heated in the microwave for a little while, giving your tot some comforting heat that will be comforting. Others light up with touch. Regardless of which you choose, these are especially great for babies and younger children who sleep in their own beds. So, if you aren’t for co-sleeping, a responsive teddy will ensure your little one does not feel alone at night, even when they wake up.

Even though some baby items aren’t essential, they can make the first year more fun, exciting and even add comfort to your little ones’ routine. Investing in extras is definitely worth it.

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