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August 25, 2021

The ancient city of Rishikesh is a holy pilgrimage of destiny, blessings and peace also famous as the yoga capital of the world, gateway to The Himalayas. It is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Throughout the year, ashrams, temples, and other holy locations attract pilgrims, sadhus and even tourists across the globe to this place. The name Rishikesh is derived from one of the names of Vishnu, signifying as “Lord of the Senses”. 

History has it that Lord Rama atoned by staying here for killing Ravana. Laxmana, his younger brother crossed the river Ganga, with just two Jute ropes according to legends. The Lakshman Jhula exists here even today. 

Apart from its rich historical significance and peaceful ashrams, Rishikesh also has to offer a variety of fun frolic activities for the young crowd to indulge in. With that said, let’s get into details and find out how to make the most of Rishikesh. But make sure to pre-book hotels online to avoid last-minute changes. You can proceed to make bookings with Intermiles and save some extra on the entire trip.    


The river Ganges, a holy river for Hindus, now in the 21st century offers the adrenaline junkies river rafting. The white river rapids offer you the thrill and adventure of a lifetime. Certified and professional rafters give adequate safety training and make your experience that much better. For a more relaxed water-sporting, kayaking is also an option, with fast-paced as well as slower speeds also attainable. River rafting is an extremely popular sport here, with a growing community and better support services.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the trekking trails present in and around Rishikesh offer a once in a lifetime experience. Starting at the foothills of The Himalayas, one can choose their adventure with a group of 3 to 8. Solo trekking is strongly discouraged unless the trails are short and easy to navigate. The maximum allowed height to reach while trekking is 2500 metres. There are certain fees and charges to be paid, but they fund operations such as first aid and rescue services. Choose from the 123 trekking trails discovered by the Uttarakhand Tourism and Development Board (UTDB), and make some wonderful stories.


Famous as the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh lets sadhus and tourists alike practice yoga here. The ghats are frequently occupied by sadhus and enthusiasts. You can either check-in an ashram or a luxurious hotel to stay in and learn yoga here. From practitioners, some even 80+ years to guru and sadhus, everyone is keen to teach and spread the word of this beautiful art. Uttarakhand also organises the International Yoga festival, each year from March 1-7. The event calls attention from around the world. Even Beatle came here in 1968, and wrote 48 songs, while meditating and looking for the meaning, of true enlightenment. 

Rock climbing

Being surrounded by mountain and ginormous rocks, The rock climbing amenities available in Rishikesh is better than none. You can learn here the basics, safety protocols and various techniques of rock climbing. Private services are also present for a one on one experience. Expert climbers go to the upper foothills of The Himalayas to test their skills and prove their mettle. But, before any climbing, please make sure that you have a proper instructor/partner to help you carry yourself to the top. 


Man has always looked up at the sky, looking at birds, and their freedom. While wings are much suited to them, we do have paragliding. Blessed with great weather around the year, Rishikesh is a perfect place to paraglide. Fly over the mountains and valleys of The Himalayas, alone or with your friends. There is something to the feel of warm blood flowing through your head, while you peer your way through the cool weather of Rishikesh. Professionals offer private services for paragliding, with teaching lessons and a safety crew ready for a safe and fueled adventure.

Bungee Jumping

Bored of Paragliding? Want to take a leap of faith? Then Bungee jumping is right here, for you. At Mohanchatti in Rishikesh, you can experience the true magic of gravity, with the complete safety of a bungee cord. A maximum height of 83 metres gives enough room for enjoyment while keeping it safe from any incidents. Other adventure sports like Flying Fox, Mountain swings and paragliding are also available to get that fix of adrenaline that you crave.

Zipline Tour

Accelerating up to the speeds of 160 Kmh, the zipline tour service in Rishikesh is one of the very few in the country. One harness, a 7m gap from the river, and you get one of the most extreme adventure sport in existence, sure to pump your heart up. The zipline can accommodate up to 2 people, so you can share the moment with a loved one, or friend. 

Other attractions include the entire collection of temples and ashrams to pray, learn and enlighten the body, as well as your mind. 

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