August 25, 2021

Research shows that 150 million tons of plastic have already accumulated in the ocean and will augment at around 8 million tons a year. We all know that there may well be as much plastic in the oceans as fish by weight by 2050. Plastic toys are a significant contributor to these rising numbers.

In light of switching to eco-friendly materials and dwindling environmental footprints, the toy industry is not far behind. But, unfortunately, we grew up surrounded by plastic toys, not realizing their ramifications on the environment.

As a result, children tend to put things into their mouths. Plastic toys are replete with harmful chemicals like lead which have toxic effects if they come in contact with the human body. One can now buy baby products online India that are organic and do not induce these results.

Plastic toys are more easily found, and hence people prefer to buy them. With the pandemic upon us, the toy market was significantly concise because we restricted imports from China. This led to a switch to indigenous toys that are not dangerous and serve the same entertainment purpose. Baby products online in India have presented better options and numerous choices.


The toy market has notably expanded over the years. On today’s date, one can find all different kinds of toys suitable for all age groups. Moreover, they are available in numerous designs, shapes, sizes, and prices.

1) Rainbow spinner

This is valid for kids of age six months up to three years. It helps babies understand more about colors and expands their knowledge. Watching these bright colors stays with the kids and allows them to differentiate. It is easy to use and uses a wooden spinning drum with different shade panels. The captivating spinner will encourage your baby to play more.

2) Wooden pecking horse

A wooden pecking horse is an exhilarating toy that jogs our nostalgia. We have all spent hours on it until it became a personal favorite. It comes with a big seat, footrest, and backrest. They dexterously design it for the kids to stay put and refrain from falling off. Kids rock this toy for their amusement.

3) Wooden teether

Children have teething troubles in their earlier months of growing up. They feel an insatiable itching sensation that can only be gratified with something pressing between the teeth. In such cases, a wooden teether comes in handy.

In the earlier times, people used plastic which was lethal because it contained toxic ingredients like phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). As a result, they dwindle the growth of male and female hormones and interrupt the body’s healthy functioning. Kids up to one year old can use this teething ring.

4) Flashcards

Flashcards are appropriate for kids up to the age of five and serve an educational purpose. It is an impeccable learning tool to motivate, guide, and inspire children. These flashcards are informative and have visual learning, which makes the process fun.

It widens one’s imagination, concentration, vocabulary, and focus. It can be centered on different topics like fruits, vegetables, colors, animals, etc. Toddlers and kids love studying from fun material and context that is not in the form of textbooks.


These wooden toys will liven your toy fetishes and make you forget about all plastic toys.

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