Ways To Reduce And Control Blood Pressure

August 25, 2021

Our blood pressure is often complicated and carries a risk when not regularly managed. One of those risks is high blood pressure or hypertension, which is often known as the silent killer. It is a condition in which your blood pressure increases beyond normal, resulting in heart disease, stroke, or even worse, death.

Furthermore, a person’s blood pressure is affected by how much blood is pumped out by the heart and the resistance to blood flow in your arteries. Also, one’s blood pressure rises when the arteries start becoming narrower.

However, just like the other health conditions, there are many ways to control and prevent your blood pressure from increasing, along with reducing the risk of acquiring high blood pressure and the diseases that come with it. In this article, we have compiled various ways to reduce and control your blood pressure.

Do Daily Physical Activity And Exercise

Doing much or little physical activity regularly, like a simple walk or jog a day, can help lower your blood pressure and promote a healthy and firm body. Also, bear in mind that consistency is the key to maintaining good blood pressure. So, avoid stopping your regular workout routine, and be consistent with it.

Moreover, if you are already diagnosed with hypertension, daily exercise can still aid you in preventing your condition from developing and acquiring certain risks.

Lose Extra Weight

Although anyone — slim, obese, smoker, teenager — can develop blood pressure regardless of age or weight, blood pressure is considerably more dangerous for overweight people. Also, they are prone to acquiring many risks and complications that come with high blood pressure.

So, it is advised and recommended to lose extra weight. By doing so, you can also reduce your blood pressure and the risks that come along with it.

Eat A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

Aside from exercise, having a balanced and nutritious diet is one way to reduce and maintain your blood pressure. This is because high blood pressure is also affected by the food you consume. Moreover, diagnosed people can still follow specific diet plans, depending on their condition.

However, if you are not used to having a certain diet, you can somehow adjust the food that you consume. You can consider avoiding fatty and salty foods, which can cause your blood pressure to increase.

Minimize Drinking Alcoholic Drinks

Although alcohol has certain health benefits, drinking too much of it can also have negative consequences, such as increasing your blood pressure and regulation, leading to hypertension and complications. Also, we all know that these kinds of vices or lifestyles cannot be avoided. However, in some way, you can limit and control yourself from consuming too much alcohol.

By reducing or controlling your alcohol use, you will be able to regulate the flow and pressure of your blood and avoid developing hypertension.

Have Good Sleep And Rest

Apart from the other factor that affects the blood pressure, your sleeping is one of those. When sleeping, blood pressure drops low while staying awake, and not having a proper rest may increase blood pressure, resulting in high blood pressure, which can even lead to stroke.

So, to have balanced blood pressure and circulation of blood, you should have a good sleep and rest for your body to maintain and stay healthy.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine may be addictive. However, its effect on blood pressure is not that good, for it temporarily increases your blood pressure and often lasts for about 40 to 60 minutes. Also, despite its temporary impact, caffeine may still cause difficulties in people who are caffeine sensitive and have been diagnosed with hypertension.

So, it is much better to reduce or avoid consuming products that are rich in caffeine to avoid further complications. This can also help you avoid the development of high blood pressure.

Consider Using CBD

Using CBD products may be new and uncertain for you, but studies have been conducted regarding the use of cannabis in controlling blood pressure. One of such products used in aiding blood pressure is CBD oil. It is found that CBD Oil can help decrease blood pressure without having such side effects and complications, unlike other blood pressure medications.

However, it is important to note that while this has been proven and tested by many, further studies are still needed to prove its safety and effectiveness. Moreover, the effects of using cannabis vary from person to person. Hence, it would be best to consult a medical professional first before consumption.

Use Prescribed Medicines

If you already have hypertension and your blood pressure does not return to normal, it is time to see a doctor and take the prescribed medications as directed. It is the only way to control your blood pressure and avoid certain complications to come.


All in all, high blood pressure is a complicated and dangerous condition, which has taken many lives silently. However, such ways can be done to prevent the blood pressure from increasing, ways that can somehow be done naturally or synthetically. By doing regular exercise, having a balanced diet, having adequate rest, and taking prescribed medicines, you will be able to manage your blood pressure properly.

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