August 22, 2020

What are the odds of mismatching our dress with our pair of shoes? 9 in 10, we guess. Most of the time, while shopping, we never mix or match the dresses and footwear we buy. The result of this slightest carelessness leaves us into splits when we are getting ready for a special occasion. Either we end up buying up one more pair or wearing something that makes us lose our confidence. We all know that shoes are the first thing that anyone notices about you. Hence, ensure that your first impression is bang on! Grab a notepad and pen to jot down the list of shoes you must own to save yourself from the embarrassment.  

Types of Footwear according to Occasion: 

Casual outings:   There are days when we need to let our hair open and wear comfortable yet styles pair. The first preference at such outings like a casual date, pool party, or a simple outing with your girlfriends are flats. The flat sandals come in various stylish options. The new trend for pool parties is CROCS. They started with a comfortable line of flip flops, and after that, there was no turning back. There are various design options under this brand that comes in multiple colors giving a feminine appearance. The best thing is the multiple CROCS offers and discounts that can help you score at reasonable prices. The other options for such occasions are sneakers and low heels. They both go very well with denim and shorts. However, if going with summer dresses, then peep toes will come to rescue.  

Office:  The office look has to be both sleek and stylish, maintaining comfort all day long. Office life is all about rushing, and what better then MULES can support your cause. Set your foot in the mules, and then you are ready to rock your meetings. But what about the days when you want to keep it stylish and fashionable? Kitten heels are the safest options. They have low heels, and bottoms have a taper. Nothing can outdo heels when paired with formal skirts. They give a very elite and chic look when paired up with trousers. We, on the other hand, suggest having something comfortable to amp up your active lifestyle.

Daily college wear:  College days are meant to groom our personalities as individuals and bring out the best in us. It is all about experimenting with our looks. We can wear all sorts of footwear we wish to. The best, however, will be ankle straps. The most important criteria while selecting footwear are the vibrancy and their durability. The lifestyle we carry is the essential parameter for choosing a pair of sandals or shoes. We suggest keeping all sorts of colors and styles in your collection to keep up with the fashionista days.

Semi-formal events:  Nothing speaks party like heels. Semi-formal events are all about looking your best but not overdoing it. Embellishment heels are a big no. The only way to steal the limelight is royal and vibrant colors going well with your little dresses. Peep toes and pumps are the safest and flirtatious options to vouch on. Going for glittery pair can add volume to any of your attire. If you feel uncomfortable or lose balance easily, then wedges can be the safest bet. For the ladies with perfect height, wearing flats with ankle straps or some subtle and straightforward designs is a great catch. 

Weddings and festivities 
Ladies, we all have our collection stocked up with Stiletto high heels. They are every girl’s dream and will grace every outfit you plan to wear. Instead of matching your footwear, go for the combinations. Golden and silver colors are the ones you can vouch on. The festivities are all about embellishments and the heels. The heels will help in accentuating the entire look.  

Shopping spree:  Shopping, either in local markets or malls, can be tiring. The shoes won’t be able to give enough space to your feet for breathing. However, the bellies are the safest option. They not just adds appeal to your overall look but also goes with each and every dress. In our opinion, they will provide you with the much-needed comfort and style for your day-outs.

Winter fashion:  Nobody says winter better than boots. Boots are the winter essentials. You can select various style options on different parameters like heel size, shaft length, and fabric. The most preferred are the leather ones, but you can try different fabrics depending on your comfort. 

The list for shoes can go forever, but the aforementioned are the basic and essential footwear that every girl must-have. Once Marilyn Monroe said, ‘ Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,’ we can’t agree more to it. So girls go ahead and match your shoes right to conquer every occasion you have.


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