A Look into the History of Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

September 21, 2020

As the name says, a Milanese loop Apple Watch band is made from metal wires worked into a mesh look. This is how this band gives a sophisticated or robust look to your watch. Different types of mesh give different looks to your Apple Watch. A Milanese Loop Apple Watch band is much more durable than other options. Are you familiar with the history of the Milanese loop? Modern Milanese loop Apple watch bands have small links. However, you can also find large ones.      

Milanese Mesh Band History

The Milanese band gets its name from the Italian town Milan. The mesh band originated in this city. The meshwork gives a unique design to the Milanese mesh strap. Milanese Loop Apple Watch band has a distinctive look from bands made from other materials. The design originated in the 13th century. The design was used as a chain-mail. It is completely handmade design. Milanese mesh has been a specialty of Milan for centuries. The design consists of a tight and dense mesh. This is the reason why the band feels smooth to the wrist. Watch bracelets also used the Milanese mesh design in the 19th century.

If you want a real classic band for the watch then you should invest in a Milanese mesh watch strap. In the 1920s, German manufacturers started making these straps. You can see these bands with a lot of vintage watches. These bands are still very popular for both modern and vintage watches.  Checkout about Apple WWDC Live.

Manufacturers typically use thinner wires for making Milanese mesh watch bands. What is the difference between a classic mesh watch band and a Milanese mesh watch band? A Milanese band has an adjustable length.  

Mesh Band Maintenance

When it comes to buying a mesh band, the main concern of buyers is that the band is not easy to clean. However, this is not true. You can easily clean the band using a ball of cotton or a slightly lint-free cloth. The band has a protective coating. The cotton ball or cloth will not cause any damage to your band. However, make sure that you air-dry your band.

If you want some good reasons for buying a Milanese loop Apple Watch band, we have got some for you.

  • This band is adjustable by length. This is the reason why people find these bands very attractive.
  • The band is made to last longer. An Apple Watch is sturdy and reliable when you are working in harsh conditions. However, you have to think about the band. No other strap is as reliable as a Milanese loop Apple Watch band in harsh conditions such as heavy climate or water.
  • The mesh design is suitable for both vintage and modern watches.
  • The band is a classic one. It adds a classic style sense to your watch.
  • These bands come in a range of sizes and thicknesses. You can easily find a band that fits well.
  • It is durable and feels and looks good. You get what you pay for.
  • From sport to classic, a Milanese band can complement any style.
  • These bands are always in fashion. Whether you have a vintage watch or you love high-tech modern watches such as an Apple Watch, this is the best option.

The following are the best Milanese loop Apple watch bands that you can buy online:

  1. Rose Gold Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  2. Black Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  3. Silver Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  4. Gold Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  5. Light Gold Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  6. Space Grey Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  7. Rainbow Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
  8. Classic Gold Milanese Loop for Apple Watch
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