How to Ride a Hoverboard

November 12, 2020

A hoverboard is an electric device that provides a fun and interactive way for personal transportation. Although hoverboards might seem harmless to you and so if you have seen an 8-year-old ride a hoverboard, you will probably think, “Oh, I can even ride that.” But do not get overconfident since that electric scooter is more difficult to learn than you might think. Another mistake hoverboard riders make is that they do not choose the hoverboards made for them. Before buying a hoverboard, you must do a thorough research about hoverboards and the kind which suits you the best. You can check out this site to know more about varieties of hoverboards,


But do not worry, it is not as difficult as it may seem, keep reading below to know how to ride your own hoverboard. Just like before playing a sport, you must ready your safety gear, this goes for hoverboard as well. You will need to take some safety precautions before you set out on that sidewalk. The safety gear includes 

  • Something to protect your knees because the one thing you will be doing the most in your hoverboard learning process is falling, so knee pads are an essential 
  • A helmet
  • As your hands and arms will also be in the danger area, you will also want to wear some wrist guards and pads on your elbows
  • As a next level precaution, you should also wear something which protects your tail bone


Even though you might think that this much safety gear is not necessary but trust me when I tell you that any device consisting of wheels is a dangerous thing after getting out of hand. After fully taking protective measures, we shall move on to the next step. The following steps are essential to follow while learning self-balancing on a hoverboard; 

  1. Find an even ground for you to place your hoverboard on, remember that if the surface is even slightly uneven, you might move your hoverboard as soon as you put your foot on it.
  2. Now, put one foot on your hoverboard without putting any pressure on it. 
  3. Next, put your other foot on the hoverboard as well and try to put your feet in a position in which they are as far apart from each other as possible. After doing this, try to make your back straight and stand erectly while looking at the path in front. 


The task you just performed of three steps is called ‘mounting a hoverboard’. Now comes the point where you get to ride the hoverboard. You might try one-wheel hoverboards as well but first, try to learn on the two-wheel type. To ride a hoverboard, try to shift your balance to the front by slightly bending yourself, but don’t bend too much, or else you might be flying with your hoverboard. After your hoverboard starts moving, if you want to move left, use your left toes and push and vice versa. The more you push your toes, the sharper you get to turn in your desired direction. For dismounting, you need to shift your entire body weight on the dominant foot and then put your other foot on the ground. This entire process might seem difficult to you, but I promise that it gets better. 


Hoverboards are generally safe to use but there have been some cases which show that either wrong manufacturing or ill-usage of hoverboards had caused serious damages. Since hoverboards operate on a lithium battery, it is necessary to know from whom you are buying your hoverboard. It is also necessary to know how you are charging your device. You might have questions like, “how long does a hoverboard battery last?”. Answers to these questions are necessary to know if you really want your hoverboard to function properly. In general, avoid buying from any third-party dealers and always buy your hoverboard from the manufacturers. You might also want to do some research about the best hoverboards so to know the manufacturing companies, making this task easier for you.  


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