The Advantages of Having a Flexible Fire Curtain

December 18, 2020

There are many advantages to having a fire safety curtain in your home. In addition to containing and controlling combustion products that may cause fire, it also minimizes the risk of fire spreading to surrounding objects. This is especially critical in multi-story homes or buildings where stairwells, alleys, windows, or other openings are prone to the fire spreading out of control. 

The use of a curtain can even help prevent injuries from occurring as smoke travels up the chimney and into the living area of your home. Here are some of the primary reasons why this product is important for maintaining a safe environment:

The use of a curtain can help prevent injuries from occurring as it helps to stop smoke travelling throughout your home

Fire Safety – Fire accidents can result in serious injury or even death. The curtain can help prevent serious damage to your home by not allowing in harmful flammable vapours. This can be especially critical if you have children or pets that cannot get out of the house in the event of a fire. 

Another thing that a curtain can do is contain smoke so it does not spread to surrounding rooms. A well-designed fire safety curtain will actually cut down on the amount of time a fire can remain active before dying out, which is critical for preventing serious property damage and human loss.

Reduced Insurance Costs – By making your home safer, you will in turn reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Having a fire safety curtain installed in your home can make a significant difference in the amount that you pay for insurance coverage. 

A trained technician can ensure that your curtain effectively prohibits the entry of dangerous flammables such as acetylene, benzene, and other synthetic chemicals. 

By making your home safer, you can help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that curtain will “provide exceptional protection against fire.” With these statistics in mind, it is easy to see how putting up a curtain is a smart idea to protect your home.

Reduced Fire Damage – Fire accidents can damage your home in a multitude of ways, from burning and smoke damage to more severe structural issues. A properly installed curtain can go a long way in preventing fire damage to your home. It is a well-known fact that curtains can help prevent fire, as well as other dangers, in your home. 

An effective flexible fire curtain can also be a great deterrent against unwanted intruders

The curtain can also keep excessive heat from reaching your carpet, furniture, and electrical equipment. This is an important factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to install a curtain in your home.

Home Security – An effective curtain can be a great deterrent against unwanted intruders. They can either act as a physical barrier or act as a sign that lets potential intruders know that your home is off-limits. When people see that there is a fire exit in your home, most will avoid breaking in. When a potential intruder sees that you have a fire safety exit in your home, they are less likely to break in and take what they want. As a result, you can significantly reduce your home security risk.

Fire safety curtains are specially treated so that they will absorb the majority of the smoke and this makes them ideal for helping to protect your property should a fire start

Fire Damage Repair – If your house catches on fire, what happens to the smoke? Most fire safety curtains are specially treated so that they will absorb the majority of the smoke and not just a portion of it. This makes them ideal for protecting your home from fire damage. When smoke damage occurs in a home, it can lead to extensive damage that can be extremely expensive to repair. The use of a curtain can reduce the amount of smoke that is able to permeate your home and will prevent further damage from occurring.

Lesser Maintenance – The material from which your curtain is made may be durable, but if it is installed incorrectly, it could cause major problems. For example, fire curtains made of nylon strap too tight. When this happens, they will not properly tie together. They can also easily fall apart after being used for an extended period of time. If a fire safety curtain is properly installed by a professional, however, it will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of having a fireproof home that is less likely to be broken into or damaged in some way.

The use of a fire curtain is an excellent  way to provide your home with added security 

Many people want to keep their homes safe from fire and many choose to use a fire safety curtain to do so. The use of a fire curtain may allow them to make their homes fireproof while still allowing them to keep some of their entertaining to go on in their home. 

There are many people that choose to keep certain activities outside of their homes in order to ensure that they do not become a target for vandals. The use of a curtain in this way could provide added security and lessen the chance of having valuable items in your yard or home being destroyed in a fire. These are just a few of the many advantages of having a fire curtain installed in your home.



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