How To Improve Google Search Ranking of Your Website

January 1, 2021

Google search engine is by far one of the most successful and popular search engines. Just think about how many times you have switched to the second, third, or fourth page of google suggestions when you are searching for something? Most likely you don’t even scroll down to the end of the first page because people tend to pay attention to the top suggestions and this list is defined by the Google ranking system. Moreover, you pay attention if the top suggestions are marked with the sign “Ad” or not. This is where the organic ranking takes over. Being ranked as one of the top on the google search engine makes you more trustworthy and increases your online presence. If your website is shown on the second or the third page of the search engine, probably people will not even know that you exist.

SEO optimization

To make your website ranked in the Google search engine your page foundation has to be on point. That is a proper combination of technical SEO, as well as on-page and off-page SEO. Make sure you carry out keyword research in advance and create a list of keywords that is relevant for your business to focus on. Once you have the list of keywords, there are many free platforms out there offering keyword analysis. This will enable you to know what the competition is for each keyword and if it is worth your effort. Afterward, make sure that those keywords are used, but do not overdo it – Google’s algorithm will notice the excessive use of certain keywords and might even penalize your page.

Content is the king

You cannot make SEO optimization do magic to your website unless the content is on point. High-quality content is a must. This is what positions you as an expert and affects your brand awareness. However, producing high quality and original content can be very time consuming for unprofessionals but there are many platforms that offer the service of content writing or  complete packages of SEO. With the help of these platforms you can turn improve google search ranking of your website promptly. Unique content that is informative, eye-catching, and entertaining is a foundation for SEO optimization.  

Engaging content and low bounce rate

High-quality content engages customers with your website and this is one of the criteria Google’s algorithm is looking for when crawling your website to determine whether it is worth the top ranking or not. Here, relevance is crucial. If people do not find the information they were looking for, they will bounce back and move on to someone else’s website. And high bounce rate alarms Google that your content is not unique and relevant.

In conclusion, since Google is constantly experimenting and updating its algorithm, never stop looking for new information and checking your SEO analysis to increase the chances of being ranked organically. 


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