Top Factors To Consider When Choosing A Venue For Your School Ball

January 5, 2021

For kids, a school ball is an event that is not to be missed. Many students in your school have probably been looking forward to the event all year. When planning for a ball, it is important to remember that the venue that you choose can either make or break the event. If you want to make the upcoming school ball an event to remember for all attendees, you can visit  

This article will discuss how you should go about selecting a venue for the upcoming event.

Considerations To Make When Selecting a Venue

  1. The Location Of The Venue

Ideally, you should go to a venue that is nestled within your school district. This will enable all attendees to easily find the location and further, it will make the planning of all other logistics such as decoration and catering easier and more convenient.

  1. Availability Of Parking Spaces

Most school balls are typically held in the evening meaning that attendees will have to be driven to the venue. The ideal venue should therefore have ample parking space for all potential attendees. Alternatively, the venue should be located in close proximity to a place where those who attend can park their cars safely.

  1. Accessibility

Before hiring a venue for the upcoming ball, it is best that you visit the place to gauge whether it is ADA compliant. The venue of choice should be a location that can easily be accessed by people who have and do not have disabilities. 

  1. The Capacity and Services On Offer

It is important that you ensure your potential venue can handle the prospective number of attendees. A school ball mostly usually entails dancing and as such, you should make sure that there will be enough free space for attendees to tango.You should also check to see the kind of services that the venue owner can provide. This will help you determine the extra service providers you need to make the event a success as well as understand how much extra money you will need to set aside in your budget for service providers. Some of the services to check out for include:

  • Catering (for both food and beverages)
  • Provision of visual and audio services (May include screens, sound system and a deejay)
  1. The Ambience and Décor

Not every event space is suitable for a school ball. Ensure that you visit your potential event venue to gauge the décor and ambience. The ideal venue should be lively. Understanding the ambience of a location before hiring will help you understand what type of decorations you need to put up so that the venue matches the mood you want the event to take.

  1. Cost of Leasing The Venue

Remember that the cost of the entire ball will come out of your school budget. You should therefore practise financial prudence when hiring a venue. To find a suitable event location that is within your proposed budget, it is best if you compare and contrast the cost of making a lease in different venues while taking into account what each has to offer.


The type of venue that you select will have a great impact on how the actual school ball goes. To find the most suitable venue, it is advisable that you inspect the proposed event location before parting with money for the lease. Additionally, consider the helpful tips discussed above.

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