Wellness Travel: How Tourism Will Witness A Revamp In 2021

February 1, 2021

After a devastating 2020, the tourism sector is looking forward to a revival in the New Year. As a travel buff, you can expect a new normal to explore the world, but you will at least have the opportunity to do it. Holidaying abroad is passé as road trips and holidays at nearby destinations is fast picking up popularity in the U.S. Safety during transit and at your holiday destination is the top priority. Another trend making it big in the pandemic era is wellness travel, which is all set to fuel a revamp for the industry. Here are some ways wellness travel is going to drive the change:

Wellness Retreats 

As the world becomes more conscious about health and immunity, wellness retreats are gaining popularity as destinations for travel enthusiasts. The best thing about visiting these retreats is that you get to travel and experience a health boost as well. Moreover, Americans have myriad options to explore, from spas and fitness centers to yoga getaways, meditation centers, weed retreats, and more. Just pick the one that appeals the most and reset your body and mind while you are there!

Work-On-Holiday Boom

This season, WFH is all set to become work-from-holiday as remote workers are looking to capitalize on this opportunity to travel while they work. You need not take off from the office to check out your favorite destination. It is much easier now, just pack your laptop and hit the road. You can go a step ahead with wellness by choosing a state like Maryland where weed is legal as cannabis can make the holiday relaxing for the body and mind. You can check a reputable dispensary like gold leaf annapolis to stock up on cannabis and have a good time in your hotel room. You can chill and relax without missing out on work.

Outdoor Trips

When it comes to healthy holidays, you cannot miss out on outdoor trips in 2021. These are ideal, because you can pick nearby camping and hiking trails and drive down safely. You need not worry about the risk of contracting the virus. Spending time outdoors can also do wonders for your body and mind, clearing the pent up stress and negative emotions and giving a complete reset. Moreover, these holidays are cost-effective, which means that you can plan one without toppling your tight budget.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is another growing wellness travel trend in 2021. Right now, people are mindful of their health, economy, and the environment as well. Resorts and hotels that show a commitment to eco-friendly practices are going to be popular. Many properties across the U.S. are embracing this mindset. Traveling nearby has the advantages of reducing your carbon footprint and favoring the local economy. It can go a long way in driving the financial revival of the industry.

As tourism gets back on track, holidaying is not the same anymore. But the silver lining is that things will change for the better as health and wellness, sustainability, and cost savings become the top priorities for travelers. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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