How To Stay Healthy While Traveling During The Pandemic

February 11, 2021

Anyone that has ever traveled knows that it can take a toll on your health and wellness. From derailed nutrition and fitness goals to food poisoning and viruses, several factors can compromise your wellbeing. However, in the face of a global pandemic, the risks are even more significant. As maintaining a strong immune system and following regulations is your best line of defense, here are some suggestions on staying healthy while traveling during current times. 

Assess Your Health

You may have a strong desire to travel, but are you fit enough? Before planning a trip, you must assess your health. If you suffer from certain medical conditions or are over 60, traveling may not be worth the risk. Similarly, if you are not feeling well the day of your trip, staying home is recommended. Whether you have contracted COVID-19 or you are only coming down with a cold, your immune system is weak. Exposing yourself to new environments could make matters worse. 

Check For Travel Advisories

Before traveling, check official sites to learn about advisories or restrictions. Even if you have selected a relatively safe destination, their health status changes all the time. Checking notifications before you leave can ensure that you are not putting yourself in danger. If you receive an alert that your travel destination is high-risk for the coronavirus, take steps to cancel or postpone travel immediately. 

Build Your Immune System

A weakened immune system increases your risk of getting sick during your travels. Essentially, strengthening your health in advance is recommended. Start taking multivitamins and supplements like Vitamin C and D, minimize stress, and get plenty of rest. You should also do an online search for a gym near me to find a safe establishment to workout. The idea is to work on your health and fitness now, so your mind and body are equipped to fight during your travels. 

Continuing these habits during your trip is also recommended. Bring any medication or supplements with you, select healthy meals, and exercise for at least 30 minutes while on vacation. 

PPE And Cleaning Supplies

Wearing protective gear and sanitizing common areas is recommended to reduce your risks of contracting the coronavirus. Travelers should ensure that they have packed face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes for their trip. Wear face masks and carry hand sanitizer when entering public places. Use the disinfectant wipes to clean off hard surfaces in your hotel room or other common areas you visit. 

Stick To The Outdoors

When it comes to planning activities or selecting events to participate in on your trip, it is best to stick to the outdoors. Health officials have stated that outdoor activities are safer amid the pandemic as they provide adequate air circulation and space for social distancing. So, look for things to do like visiting parks, hiking, watersports, or outdoor events like festivals, carnivals, and street fairs. If you prefer to do something indoors, contact the venue in advance to find out what their health and safety procedures are during the pandemic. You want to ensure that they are complying with regulations to keep travelers safe. 

Practice Social Distancing

Whether you’re being seated on an airplane or standing in line at the hotel lobby, social distancing is necessary. Travelers should ensure that they are standing at least six feet away from others. If a space is too crowded or an establishment is not enforcing social distancing, your best option is to remove yourself to reduce your risks. 

Get Your Vaccinations

The coronavirus is not the only health threat to travelers. From measles to the flu, other illnesses could hinder your well-being. That is why travelers need to stay up to date on their vaccinations. Depending on where you are traveling to, it may be required to gain entry. Before your scheduled trip, contact your doctor’s office to find out what vaccinations they recommend. As some vaccines require more than one dose, you want to do this well in advance.

Whether you are traveling for business, a personal emergency, or simply to take a break from the stresses of current times, your health and safety must be a priority. Go the extra mile by using suggestions like those provided above to shield yourself and those traveling with you from COVID-19 and other health risks.

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