A few strange yet essential travel tips to follow in Egypt

March 10, 2021


Who does not want to explore the Egyptian pyramids, the enthralling archaic beauty of the sand dunes, and the Nile river cruise? Planning a trip to Egypt and preparing for it is one thing but behaving like a welcomed tourist in Egypt is also a feat. You need to follow a tourist code; otherwise, be ready to feel ashamed or embarrassed both in front of the public or your family. 

Just like every region, the Egyptian tourist culture is also a different one. It may annoy you but following those tips is imperative. The Egyptian demography is a peculiar one; you cannot expect the same living g standards as any European or Asian community. So, before you take your flight to Egypt, ensure to have a look at the most important suggestions by some tourists who have been to Egypt; you may either read this guide or contact some tourist in your circle for a sound set of knowledge. 

Do not drink tap water

The tap wart in Egypt is not fit for drinking, particularly for tourists, as their stomachs are not used to it. First, you must stay here for at least two months and get accustomed to the strange water; another way, you will get sick. Use mineral water instead. 

Do not forget the electrolyte tablets

When traveling in upper Egypt, know that it is a hot region. Dehydration can be the most common health issue. Keep tens of bottles with you, some electrolyte tablets, so that you may enjoy your Tour to Egypt while maintaining fitness. 

Tipping or baksheesh

It may sound a bit ridiculous, but unlike Europe, the tourists are supposed to give a tip to everybody who was serving them in Egypt. Tipping is not the formal service charge. To comply with this norm, you must have some coins or currency notes of smaller value. Do not pay them much; it is just to get rid of them as they believe that the tourists are way richer than them. 

Bargain because it is acceptable

Egyptian do not hesitate to bargain. When you are in the great Egyptian Bazar, ready to gather some exquisite decoration pieces or shawls, do not pay the asked amount. Try to bargain. Unfortunately, the Egyptian shopkeepers will tell a very high price; you should not consider it low; they do so by considering you a rich tourist. 

Modest clothing

Egypt is an Islamic country, and you must know that when in Rome, do as Romans do. You should not wear revealing clothes; firstly because it is quite hot there, secondly the public will not appreciate it. It will be a kind gesture from you as a tourist if both males and females try to wear the local dresses, it will show harmony. 

No drone cameras

You are probably visiting Egypt to take that impeccable shot of the pyramids from the top right? not everyone can take drone cameras; you must seek permission first. You must not firstly take drone cameras with you to such historic places, and if you have a plan to got, then write a letter to the concerned authorities, they will then give you a permit to do so. 

Taxis charge a lot 

Traveling in Egypt is ridiculously expensive. It may be only the case with the tourists as they are bound to travel; they are there for a limited period. So, they cannot shun their plan to visit the historical place.  Thus, they are easier to exploit. Secondly, the roads are not very smooth, and the busy roads will exhaust you. Wherever you are going, ensure that you leave before time. 

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