Top Ten Laptop Bags For Women

April 7, 2021

Laptop or portfolio bags are good enough for keeping your laptop when not in use. The laptop bags for women are a backpack with multiple compartments where you can hold your laptop and other computer accessories. It has shoulder straps that make it ideal for walking, cycling, or either using public transport.

Before you choose between a shoulder bag, backpack, or trolley it is essential to answer what you will use the bag for. This will help you to determine the right type of bag for your needs. Have a look at the meaning and features of all these laptop bags.

Laptop Backpack

  • It is great for use on public transport. It offers various compartments to store your laptop. 
  • It protects your lappy from damage and dirt.
  • Besides the laptop, it has compartments for all of your computer accessories.
  • It is ideal if you have to walk, because the weight is divided across both shoulders.

Laptop Sleeve

  • It is not recommended for women who cover a long distance on foot.
  • It comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Convenient.
  • An ideal alternative if you only have to cover a short distance between your car and workstation.

Laptop Trolley

  • It is a combination of a laptop bag and trolley. It is ideal for walking long distances, but not recommended if you have to go up and down several times.
  • It keeps your laptop well protected and provides plenty of space to store your important documents.
  • You are not required to carry a heavy bag on your back.
  • It can be brought as carry-on luggage while traveling by plane.

Five Must-Have Features In A Laptop Bag

Finding a perfect laptop bag from various ranges and colors is a complex task. Here are some essentials that your laptop bag must-have. In addition to it, firstly you must notify the purpose and your requirements with the product. So, let us start our discussion on it:

  • A snug fit for your laptop– A bag is of no use if it fails to keep your laptop safe. It must have an excellent fitting that does not slip when you carry it around. For fearless traveling, it is suggested to go for VIP laptop bags.
  • Spacious interior– A laptop bag needs to have organized compartments where you can keep your accessories like chargers, hard disks, tablets, speakers, etc. Besides these computer accessories, it must offer some extra space to keep other essentials like pens, snacks, notepad, and a lot more.
  • Checkpoint-friendly design– A laptop bag with a checkpoint-friendly design is the ultimate choice for a professional woman. It allows the security scanners to have an obstructed view of the bag without wasting your precious time.
  • A durable and secure built– A laptop bag is a symbol of convenience and materials like leather and nylon are known to be durable materials for it. They have several layers of foam and fabric to serve as a shock-absorber for your laptop. 
  • An attractive and stylish appearance– Whether it is choosing your wardrobe, vehicle or laptop bag, functionality, and style go hand in hand. The color, shape, and size of your bag reflect your personality.

 So, next time when you go shopping, keep these must-have features in mind to purchase an awesome laptop bag for you.

Top Two Laptop Bags For Women From Various Categories

VIP Laptop Bags

  • Canvas Vintage Backpack For Laptop– The backpack is closed with two magnetic buckles. 2 side pockets are designed for your bottle and 1 front pocket to get your daily things like phone, tissues, etc. Its unique design suits both men and women. The bags are perfect for many occasions like schooling, shopping, traveling, etc.
  • Modern Myth Women At Work Laptop Bags– The product is made up of leather. It holds 1 laptop compartment and a separate wall for keeping essential like folders and 2 open slip pockets. Handles for handheld use.

Waterproof Laptop Bags

  • Nylon Laptop Tote Bag– It is made up of nylon poly fabric. It has 1 large compartment for a notepad, 1 iPad compartment, 2 pen slots, 2 wall pockets for phone, mouse, or for something else.
  • Unisex Large Capacity Waterproof Bag– It is good for school, college, travel, etc. It has an adjustable shoulder strap. Automatic closure of magnetic buckle.

Laptop Sleeve Case

  • Classic Envelope Laptop Sleeve Case– It is made from environment-friendly quality leather material, which is highly durable. It offers more comprehensive protection. Note: The product is water-resistant, but not waterproof.
  • Women’s Split Leather Laptop Sleeve– Slim design of the product allows you to carry it in a bag or a hand. Its trendy design enables you to carry your laptop in a unique style. Made of genuine leather. It fits well with different types of occasions. Suitable for the majority of the laptops.

Backpack Laptop Bags

  • Drifter– Besides the backpack, it can be carried as a briefcase. It includes one easy access pocket at the front and 1 water bottle pocket.
  • Friends Doddle Backpack– It has highly resistant straps, multiple compartments, and is comfortable for traveling. It also has a water holder. Made up of polyester.

Laptop Trolley Bags

  • Overnighter Laptop Bag– It offers independent and wide space for your essentials. The bag is made up of high-quality water-resistant polyester fabric. It can be used as a laptop bag, travel briefcase, etc.
  • Roadrunner Travel Trolley Bag– High-quality handles and wheels. Elegant design.


Laptop bags act as a solid cover that protects your laptop from any sort of damage. They are very functional carriers for a woman who travels extensively. They offer several perks like comfort, safety, durability, portability, carrying gadgets, and style.

As the laptop industry is developing rapidly, there is no doubt that the future of laptop bags for women is very bright.

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