Five Games That Are Still Fun As An Adult

May 11, 2021

If there is one thing that we are certain of in life, it is getting older. Unfortunately, we cannot stay in childhood forever. However, that is not to say you can’t still have fun as you enter your adult years. If you cast your mind back to your younger years, you may have played a whole host of fun games that took away any stress, worries, or fears. While some games should be firmly left in the past, others can still be enjoyed as an adult, such as those listed below:

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a game that you can play regardless of age. The game stimulates concentration and mental alertness, and develops mental acuity. You will find that just about everyone has played a game of table tennis in their lifetime, so if you are after an activity that takes you back to childhood and gives you hours of fun, table tennis may be the perfect game for you. Best ping pong table reviews. Table tennis is excellent for working up a sweat and getting your heart pumping, meaning not only can you have fun along the way, but you will also burn calories, which can aid weight loss. To excel in this game, make sure you know the technique of how to hold your paddle.


You will have a hard time finding an adult that did not love playing Monopoly as a youngster. Monopoly is a fun and nostalgic game that all the family can play, and if you have young children and want to teach them the financial basics, Monopoly can do just that. Monopoly can bring both young and old members of your family together to concentrate on the same thing. Whatever you do, make sure you do not take the game to heart as there have been many family fallouts and flipped boards at Christmas time because of Monopoly!


Chess is one of the most interesting games around. This is because chess never repeats itself, meaning no two matches are the same. If your childhood was filled with chess game after chess game, why not return to the board and play as an adult? A game of chess can develop perspective, enhance memory, increase intelligence, and boost self-awareness. What’s more, research indicates that chess can even protect you against dementia. Like with Monopoly, chess can be played with the whole family.

Indoor Bowling

In many of our childhoods, we did not have smartphones and the internet to keep us occupied. Instead, you would find many children hitting indoor bowling alleys which would provide non-stop entertainment and fun. If you are after a game that can be played as an adult with no judgment, indoor bowling is the perfect choice. Whether you take your kids for a game, or play with friends, there is lots of fun to be had at a bowling alley. In fact, there are many bowling alleys across the country that specifically cater towards adults, meaning you can have a drink or two as you play.


Many of us spent hour after hour on the twister mat during childhood, being in awkward positions that you may not be keen on doing as an adult! However, if you are after some fun-filled entertainment with your friends or family, there is nothing quite like getting the twister mat out and reading the instructions. Physical games like twister can strengthen core muscles, boost strength, and improve balance. Twister also encourages you to focus while undergoing physical exertion.

While adulthood is filled with work and paying taxes, that is not to say you cannot have fun along the way. Whether you had an eye for table tennis growing up, or you loved nothing more than hitting the bowling alley, there are plenty of fun-filled games you can play beyond childhood.

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