Toilet is draining slowly, what should you do?

May 21, 2021

My toilet is draining slowly, what should I do? We have listed for you the causes of poor water flow from your toilet and the various solutions to be implemented to remedy it.

Toilet is draining slowly, what to do?

Chemicals should be banned from your cupboards if your toilet is draining slowly, they are harmful to health, the environment, and your pipes and can cause serious damage to your body. They are not as effective as what we are told or shown in advertisements. So do not put yourself in danger for ineffective solutions and favor solutions that respect the environment.

Why does the toilet drain slowly?

A slow evacuation of your toilet can be caused by an object fallen into it such as a smartphone, keys, cards, and other objects coming out of your trouser pockets. Usually, when a smartphone falls in the toilet, it clogs the toilet with paper and other waste getting stuck on the phone and thus forms a plug.

Excessive use of toilet paper can slow down the flow of water from your toilet. We recommend that you use toilet paper moderately and avoid too thick toilet paper. The wipes are often responsible for a slow evacuation because it sticks very easily to the wall and the bend of your pipes. If you often use wipes, throw them in the trash and not in your toilet because they take a long time to degrade and saturate wastewater treatment plants by breaking the lift pumps. Discover our article on this subject “No wipes in the toilet”. In the same vein, the cause is often due to the spillage of condoms, sanitary napkins, or tampons in a toilet, they are also responsible for slowing down your toilet.

The presence of scale or limescale in your pipes can be the cause of a slow draining of water from your toilet.

Other causes can be highlighted, for example, if slow draining toilet this may be due to a bad slope of your pipes and you have nothing to do with it, it is then necessary to undertake camera inspection work to find the cause.

Your toilet is not a recycling center, now put your waste in a trash can.

What are the solutions ?

Dishwashing liquid + boiling water

When you are facing slow , the first solution to try that we advise you is to use washing up liquid with boiling water. First, pour dishwashing liquid into your toilet and let it act for at least thirty minutes. Then, pour in a pot of very hot water (be careful not to scald yourself, protect your hands, legs, feet and face) this will normally allow the deposit to decompose. If that didn’t work, move on to manual methods.

Manual methods

The following methods are easy to use and do not require any knowledge of plumbing and can therefore be done on your own if your toilet is draining slowly .

The suction cup : The suction cup is a solution that allows you to treat a partial or total obstruction of your pipes. To get started, have your suction cup ready or you can buy it at a store nearby. There are several types of suction cups on the market, take the one that fits your budget. Then, place your suction cup at the bottom of the toilet and check that the perimeter is clean and that it does not let air out. You can now pump to generate a back and forth motion. As your toilet is not clogged we advise you to perform this movement for 2 to 5 minutes and flush the toilet to check the flow. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next method which is the ferret.

ferret to unblock his toilet

The ferret : The ferret is a long metal rod with a point at one end and at the other end a crank (which can be replaced by a screwdriver) that allows the point and the rod to move in the pipe. You can find it in stores, if you don’t have one. First, push the rod into the toilet and continue until you feel a slowdown or a deposit in the pipe. You can then turn the crank vigorously in order to take off the deposit or other against the wall. Be careful not to scratch your earthenware which is often the case with a ferret.

The intervention of a sanitation professional

Despite all of our proposed solutions you have not succeeded or you have encountered a difficulty, call the company yourproplumber , we can send you a technician to offer you a solution and a specific quote to your request. We can perform a “camera inspection” to determine the source of the problem and provide you with a suitable solution.

We have presented to you the reasons for a slow evacuation of the toilet but also the solutions to solve the problem. We hope that this has been useful to you and that it has helped you to have a smooth flow of water. If your toilet is still draining slowly , do not hesitate to contact our company.

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