Top 6 Ways to Get Around in a Big City

July 26, 2021

Living in a big city is full of fun and excitement, but getting from point A to point B can often be hell. Traffic is horrible, parking is nowhere to be found and people are always rushing somewhere. So how can you get around in a big city? Here are just a few ways that don’t involve buying a car:


The cheapest and healthiest way to get somewhere in a big city is to use your feet. This transportation means is a little slower than others on this list, but it gives you a lot of control—you can stop, turn, go slower or faster, and arrive at your own pace. It also allows you to soak up the city and explore its secrets.

Public transportation

Most major cities have a developed network of public transportation. The two main means of public transportation available are buses and trains. Buses are perfect for when you need to get around the local area because they move from block to block very quickly. If you need to go further away, trains might be a better option.

You can choose from trams, elevated railway, and subway. These train systems are very fast, efficient, and cheap, but often busy and crowded and not suitable for people with claustrophobia and such. However, if don’t mind bumping elbows with people, trains will be your fastest way to get to your destination.

Car sharing

If you don’t want to buy a car because you live in a big city with horrible traffic, you might want to join a car-sharing organization. The way you can car share with others is very simple: become a member, book your car, access it via Bluetooth, drive and return your car where you picked it up from. It’s easy, cheap and practical for all your needs. When you need a personal vehicle for errands, picking up someone from the airport or taking a ride to the coast, car share will save your life!

Taxi services

Taxis have always been an integral part of any big city, but their services evolved over the years drastically. If you need a cab today, you don’t have to hail for taxies, but can choose from multiple on-call taxi options. Most major cities provide services like Uber and Lyft which revolutionized the industry by allowing drivers to be more independent, use their own cars and take passenger orders via the application.

If you can’t follow a public transport schedule or have mobility issues, ordering a taxi might be ideal. You can request transportation when you need it and even form a professional relationship with a certain driver to serve your transportation needs during your stay. This option costs more money, but the comfort is guaranteed.


All major cities today are investing more and more into bike lanes and organizing bike rental services or even offering bicycles for free. Bikes are very practical for getting around, even when you have longer distances to go between stops—it’s easy to cover several blocks and get to your destination in 15 minutes. However, expect some congestion, especially downtown, because people often use bike lands as delivery parking, sidewalks, and places to stop and chat. But if you have a bell on your bike and are not afraid to use it, you’ll be good most of the time.

Electric scooters

Scooters used to be reserved for kids just a few years ago, but today, they are a super popular way to get from point A to point B, especially if they are electric. These bad boys are small and narrow, thus perfect for navigating busy city streets, and they fold and fit in the trunk of your car.

Some cities even have scooter rental services where you can rent or borrow rides. If your city still doesn’t offer this, buying your own scooter bwon’t cost you too much. If you pick the right model with a powerful motor, you will be able to reach speeds up to 15 mph and stop safely thanks to disc brakes. The battery usually provides you with a range from 15 to even 50 miles, so you can rely on it when you need to cover some ground.

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