4 Ways to Save More Energy in Commercial Facility Lighting

August 6, 2021

You cannot ignore the priorities for adequate brightness while helping the workforce perform at the maximum level. To make the most of your lighting system, you should implement the best approach to reduce energy consumption. Find an industrial electrical contractor and retrofit your facility’s lighting system. Check out the four ways to meet energy-saving requirements.


  1. Focus on vulnerable areas

Since lighting devices and installation services are an investment, you don’t need to upgrade the entire building in one go. Look for the sections that badly need sufficient lighting to increase safety. For instance, a hall room or lobby usually has a large space that allows low-key lights to cover every corner. On the other hand, stairwells, hallways, corridors, storerooms, cubicles, and bathrooms require emergency lighting. You need to be very strategic when it comes to placing the light on your commercial property. With the help of an expert, you could save extra money by placing the lights and fixtures only where they are needed.


  1. Utilize natural light

If the building has windows on the exterior walls, ensure you utilize the sunlight during the daytime. Install windowpanes and curtains in all the rooms facing the sunlight so that you can monitor the amount of light by managing the curtain. Leave the curtain open to get warm light in the winter and close it when the temperature reaches maximum level. Natural light also helps ward off seasonal depression and boosts your immune system. Make sure you choose your commercial space where you can get the maximum natural light so you can save a huge amount on electricity.


  1. Upgrade your appliances

Outdated electronic appliances with motors consume lots of energy once they reach the warranty period. Although these items look okay from the outside, their components could be too old for normal tasks. For example, a rusted component in an aging air conditioner or a room heater can consume more energy to deliver a service. You should replace those defective parts before that could cause further damage to other elements in the system. You can discuss with the electrical contractor to know what parts or equipment need to be updated. Try to get in touch with the experts from Emergency Electrical to get your place examined.


  1. Object placement

Looking at the design of the building, your facility has to use architectural patterns to make the structure beautiful and comfortable. When you install a piece of equipment in the cubicle, you want proper lighting to operate the device. Placing a big cupboard in front of the window can make the area dark. In the same way, installing a computer behind a shelf can make it difficult for the user to perform a task. Make sure every item in the facility stays in an area with proper lighting.


Providing a significant number of resources to your commercial facility while saving costs on utility can be challenging. When you are determined to upgrade your commercial building, call an electrical contractor to make your place energy-efficient.


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