Is Remote Accounting Solution Good For Your Business? By Brian C Jensen

September 21, 2021
Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

In today’s technology-driven world, everyone looks for the most straightforward solutions that work best. Business firms now look remote for accounting solutions to keep a record of financial activity, especially at the end of the financial year. It is possible with cloud-based accounting software that allows an account between the company and bookkeeper to do the book.


Whenever a company hires remote accountants, the firm gives them access to credit records and the credentials to all company’s virtual accounting software. Once the digital accountant has this information, they may start making quarterly, weekly, and even everyday entries to help with the information disclosure. The digital accountant and the company’s management team then review and debate the generated findings, explains Brian C Jensen.


Like other tiny company owners seeking to save money, you may believe that you cannot afford an accounting. However, consider how long it’d take someone to complete some chores (including taxation) and think whether this is a wise use of your energy.


Few important factors to understand about remote accounting solutions, by Brian C Jensen


  • How does the company receive a remote accounting solution?


Remote solutions are similar to hiring an accounting firm. The only difference is bookkeepers do the books using cloud-based software that keeps both of them connected. It is affordable and suits best for small firms as automation reduces the load of manual work. So, if your firm doesn’t have cash-heavy transactions, look for the best bookkeeper that offers remote solutions to suffice your needs.


  • How do small accounting services charge?


Typically, the services charge monthly, depending on how much time is needed to complete books every month. Several factors, such as the number of accounts and the frequency of transactions, affect the time duration to close your books. In addition to this, merchant processors, lines of credit, and loans come into account.


  • How is the remote accounting process?


According to Brian C Jensen, a remote accounting service either uses a custom app for direct communication between you and the bookkeeper or relies on to and fro emails. However, some services can import financial information, including bank transactions and credit accounts, automatically. You may need to submit scan copies of physical receipts. One benefit of using a remote accounting solution is that your bookkeeper can access the same data in a multi-user environment.


As remote booking services have multiple employees, the service gaps between you and bookkeepers are minimized, just like firms. They can manage the surge, especially when the end of the financial year is close despite having other client’s books to close.


Are remote accounting services reliable?


One of the most critical questions that everyone asks is whether they can trust remote services for accounting or not. To serve the best to clients, remote accounting services hire dedicated staff that constantly works on quality and standards. Also, their trained and experienced staff guarantees quality in their services.

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