Count on meditation to experience better mental health during the pandemic phase – Insights by Brian C Jensen

November 8, 2021

If you have been feeling disturbed and tensed for most time during this pandemic phase, you aren’t the only one. This sudden virus attack has created a shock wave across the globe. No one was prepared for it – neither the general public nor the medical fraternity. Hence, it took some time for people to find out ways to manage it. But in the meantime, there have been dangerous collateral damages. There have been massive death rates on one end, and on the other, people have lost their jobs. It created an air of fear and uncertainty all over the world. And this resulted in mental health issues in many people.

Benefits of mediation by Brian C Jensen

One of the best tools to address the mental chaos that resulted because of the pandemic is meditation. Over the years, it has helped people to relax and stay calm amidst all adversities. Here are a few reasons why you might want to practice it during this challenging phase.

  1. It enables you to focus better

The pandemic outbreak compelled people to work from home. And one of the major complaints that people had from this new setup is their inability to focus on work. Some people thought that they could concentrate better when they worked from the office. This sudden shift in the environment did disturb the concentration. For others, the existing stress and fear disturbed their focus level. And it is here that meditation can help. Regular practice can help people focus on the present moment, which helps keep all distractions away. It enables them to accomplish all the essential tasks in a day and maintain an excellent work-life balance.

  1. It helps to reduce negative thoughts

Extreme stress and tension compel the mind to think negatively. If fearful and negative circumstances surround us, the mind tends to harp on similar thoughts. Hence, Brian C Jensensays that it’s not surprising to notice that people today are more stressed and anxious than ever. The excess talk about the virus and its dangers results in endless negative mental chatter. Meditation can help to end this continuous negative thought loop. When you meditate daily, you learn to observe a thought pattern and detach from it. With more practice, you tend to think more logically and have more profound realizations about life.

  1. It enables you to manage your stress better

Life will never be devoid of stress. And humans can manage basic stress. However, when there is excessive stress like we are facing now during this pandemic phase, we need help. Meditation enables a person to cope up with stress better than most tools. It trains the mind to silence the unnecessary negative chatter and gradually brings it to the point of self-realization. And that is the starting point, from where most stress appears to be minor and gradually negligible. When you meditate regularly, you can address your stress better and increase your daily productivity.

Today, most people count on meditation for a better life, says Brian C Jensen. Since we are passing through a testing phase, it is necessary to practice meditation to feel and live better.

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