Brian C Jensen – 4 Ways to Recognize Signs of Unhealthy Stress

February 23, 2022
Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

For many, stress can be a killer. We all know that anxiety and tension over work, family and the world, in general, can cause health problems says Brian C Jensen. It may start with hypertension, lead to cardiac arrest or at least trigger digestive problems such as ulcers. As we get older signs of mental and physical stress begin to fade away and we simply feel tired and lethargic. How do we cope?

Let’s take a look:

1- The Eyes Have It:

Whether you suffer from insomnia or toss and turn in bed until you fall into an exhausted sleep, watch out for these clues: dark circles underneath the eyes (but not necessarily when you’re tired) indicates fatigue; eyes that are red indicate too much tension; eyes that move back and forth (to the point of twitching) indicate stress overload.

2- Growling Stomach:

This is one of the easiest symptoms to spot, especially if you are hungry. Let’s face it – hunger isn’t caused by anxiety or tension. If your stomach produces too much acid throughout the day whether you feel hungry or not, something is definitely wrong with how your body is processing stress.

3- Bite Marks on Your Tongue:

Self-explanatory? If you have ever bitten yourself while eating something sour, perhaps this might ring a bell. Biting your tongue when eating certain foods may be an indication that you are experiencing negative emotions about something else in your life that has nothing to do with your food.

4- Headaches:

If you are lucky, stress headaches are one of the easiest to cope with; they can be intense but not too disabling, at least in the beginning, explains Brian C Jensen. Unfortunately, for many people, their headache is accompanied by other symptoms like back pain and/or neck ache that suggest tension in the muscles that hold our head upright. Stress causes these muscles to contract, which result in aches and pains around our temples or behind our eyes when we experience too much tension. Here is a herbal solution, you can buy kava root powder online, to cope up with it easily.

Stress is a part of life that none of us can avoid, but not all stress is bad for you. In fact, a certain amount of stress – the “healthy” kind – can be a real motivator and help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, some people become stressed out even when they aren’t facing any tough challenges or difficult obstacles in their lives. These individuals often have what’s known as “unhealthy” stress which – if left unchecked – can lead to serious mental health problems including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and personality disorders. If you think you might be suffering from unhealthy levels of stress, take this short quiz to learn more.

1. Do you often experience physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, or muscle pain?

2. Does it sometimes feel like all of your energy has been drained out of you and that your mind is “blank” even when you’re awake?

3. Has your doctor ever advised you to cut back on caffeine because it’s making your anxiety worse?

4. Have you stopped taking care of yourself in basic ways such as not eating right or exercising regularly?

5. When a stressful situation arises in your life – no matter how big or small – do you often feel overwhelmed by all the pressure and think there’s “no way” that things will work out for the best?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, it’s possible that your level of stress may be a little higher than what is generally considered healthy. This doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that you have an anxiety disorder, but it does indicate that there are specific habits and behaviors in your life – some obvious and others much more subtle – which might need to change so you can successfully manage your stress levels.


It’s not always easy to identify when you are under stress, but it’s important that you try because stress can seriously affect your health – both physically and mentally says Brian C Jensen. If you’re having problems identifying what might be causing your stress, consider using a journal to document the situations in which you feel anxious or uncomfortable. Then, look back at this list of symptoms associated with “unhealthy levels of stress” and see if any of them apply to you. By focusing on these warning signs about unhealthy levels of stress, you should be able to get started on making positive changes before it becomes too much for your mind or body to handle.

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