Michael Osland reveals simple ideas to cope with depression and anxiety post covid

September 27, 2021
Michael Osland

Michael Osland

Covid is not a pulmonary disease, and the myth busted when scientists recorded some major mental illness cases during the pandemic. There were several emergency admissions for anxiety, panic attacks, strokes, heart palpitations, and breakdowns. Covid created chaos in everyone’s life and resulted in not only physical damage but also psychological damage.

Remember that thoughts will not change within a day. Resuming to new normal seems overwhelming, and the ideal way is to combat this is to continue with the optimistic tools. Whether you are a covid survivor or suffering from Long Covid – mental disturbance can become a part of your life. 

A recent study showed that more than 75% of covid patients struggle with depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and heart palpation problems. Not everyone gets access to medical care and psychological help, and the best solution is to try self-remedies. 

Make the magic box that helps you cope during the tough times – when no one is around and you are all alone. It can get painful to recover from illness and, more than that, to survive mental distress. Make a magic box that will come in handy during stressful times. 

Michael Osland reveals – What is this magic box?

You can bring fundamental changes to the routine to induce more positivity in life. Meditation is one way of relaxing your mind. It can get challenging to start as your mind would be boggling with too many thoughts. The simple way to exercise control of the mind is by counting your breath. Just switch on relaxing music (instrumental is better) and start mindfulness. So, the first tool in your magic box is music and meditation. 

Keep all your friends, family, and loved ones on speed dial. It means connecting with your dear ones regularly. It helps in a two-way share of ideas. Remember that everybody is sailing in the same boat. Like you are suffering from loneliness, others are also. Mental problems are common, especially after the pandemic. So, the second tool of your magic box is the numbers of your loved ones.

Make use of all the five senses to trigger positive thoughts and energysuggests Michael Osland. Here is the list of the simple things you can include in the magic box.

  • Touch – Use stress balls, silly putty, stuffed animals, and wrist exercise tools.
  • Hear – Bubble pop-up, click a pen, Calming music.
  • Sight – Look at photos with loved ones, Snow globe, motivation quotes.
  • Taste – Mint tea, Sour candy, desserts.
  • Smell – Scented candles, essential oils, bath bombs.

Keep a healthy cookbook as part of the magic box. Planning a nutritious meal every day is an excellent approach to healthy thoughts.

During covid lot of you suffered the loss of loved ones and some experienced other problems like a job loss or difficulties in everyday life. Any loss results in mental agony. However, even after the lockdown opens, you might feel insecure about coming out of the home. The fear of catching the virus, falling sick, returning to public spaces gives anxiety. You must follow all the simple steps to continue getting positive energy.

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