Creative and Essential Ideas for a Shared Kids’ Room

November 3, 2021
Kids' Room

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Even with family sizes becoming smaller and homes becoming bigger, kids still share rooms in many families. When kids share a room, it is important that the room is designed to express their personalities. If you are interested in creative ideas for a shared kids’ room, we present five top options in this article.

Minimal and functional bunk beds

Bunk beds are one of the first furniture pieces in a lot of shared kids’ rooms. Parents go for bunk beds because it saves space while giving the kids their separate sleeping spaces. Thus, it is natural that we advise that you go for bunk beds in a shared kids’ room. Since the goal of a bunk bed is to save space, we also recommend that you go for one with a minimal design. Bunk beds with a minimal design are great for both saving space and reducing clutter. A minimal bunk bed should be one of the top options you consider to make a shared kids’ room look bigger. If you are executing the design or remodeling yourself, you should head out to stores like IKEA. Otherwise, contact experts in the field, such as general contractors in Sacramento, for professional room remodeling help.

L-shaped configuration

An L-shaped configuration is an effective and creative way of saving space in a shared kids’ bedroom. When an L-shaped layout is well-executed, it makes a room look larger. The configuration simply requires placing furniture pieces against the wall. Place beds and other furniture pieces against the wall to create a bigger center space. The arrangement works for the different kinds of beds, including daybeds and bunk beds. You can arrange daybeds so that they look like an L-shaped sofa. You could discuss how best to execute an L-shaped configuration with a general contractor if you are engaging professional services.

Themed rooms

Designing a room for younger children will need you to have your creative juices pumping. You could get away with a themed room if a central theme unites the interest of the occupants of the room. You could go for an adventure-themed room with elements such as pine trees to give an outdoor feel and vibe. You could also go for a beach theme. You will need elements like nautical light fixtures and color schemes like white and aqua for a beach theme. Beddings could also be chosen according to the beach theme.

Go for vintage

If a central theme does not unite the interests of the kids sharing the room, opting for vintage décor becomes a particularly excellent option. Vintage décor is ageless and should cut across the different interests of the kids, especially if they are of different ages. Pick timeless furniture and design pieces and put them together with professional remodeling services of a general contractor in Sacramento, if you live in the area. Irrespective of your location, you should find a general contractor to help you remodel the shared kids’ room when you go for vintage decor. If it is a DIY project, you may need to take your time to curate pieces and get inspiration for the perfect vintage décor room.

Get beds of different sizes

This is another creative idea for maximizing space and keeping the room functional, especially if it is for kids of different ages. Swap the regular bunk beds for bunk beds with bigger beds underneath and smaller beds above. The older kids get the smaller beds while the younger kids get the bigger bed. While the bed style is stylish and functional, it could also solve the issue of a bigger kid being unwilling to share their room with a smaller kid. The reward of a bigger bed could make the older kid more willing to share their space.

Design for their health

Water is one of the most critical factors in kids’ health and safety, so it’s important to make sure you know how your children drink. Make sure they only drink boiled or filtered water since this process removes both bacteria and contaminants from tap sources! Additionally consider investing in a home filtration system or aqua water filter in their room – these devices enhance the taste as well remove odors along with impurities like lead or arsenic.

Final Words

Shared kids’ rooms should be functional and creative spaces with the expression of the personality of the occupants. We have highlighted five creative ideas with which you can execute a creative and functional shared kids’ room design.

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