Check Out Some of the effective methods of Playing Skyblock Game

November 18, 2021

Skyblock is a map where players build an island and live. The main of skyblock’s aim is to survive on that island without cheating and grow their own food etc. when players play the skyblock games; they follow the gaming materials like 26 blocks of dirt, one lava bucket, one oak tree, one block of ice. Skyblock Servers games are enjoyed by many players and solo also. But players got several challenges when they play skyblock games. There are also have some rules to enjoy the skyblock, which are described below.


1. Do not jump on the island because of safety reasons.

2. Do not make a bridge on the mainland because it is wrong to play the game.

3. Play according to the capabilities like easy or difficult.

4. Cheats are not used for any purpose during playing the game.

The goal of players is growing food to prevent starvation and maintain the process of playing, like accepting the challenges and following the rules of the game. But does not use make a staircase on the mainland for supplies and avoid jumping on the island to regenerate their health.

What are the challenges of skyblock?

There is a list of challenges for players completed by the players while playing. Moreover, players do not require having any additional skills to play the games. Each challenge can be finished with the islands’ materials that provided to the players. In addition, some challenges are given to the players.

Construct a cobblestone generator

A cobblestone generator provides the supply of cobblestone. In the first step, you have to find out the bucket of lava and one block of ice. To make the cobblestone generator follow the four instructions which are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

1. Dig down one place to keep the ice of block there.

2. Dig another two blocks on the right side of the ice block.

3. Place the dirt in those blocks.

4. Dig on the block and used to place the lava on the top.

When you set up the cobblestone generator, the ice will convert in the form of water and flow to the next block. Then, the third block of dirt should separate the lava and water in the next block because the block of dirt will break due to the water. After creating the cobblestone, get ready to mine the cobblestone generator.







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