Five Easy Ways To Calm Yourself Down

November 30, 2021

A lot of people seem to think that stress and facing the pressures of life is an essential part of growing up, but while a certain amount of stress is expected, long-term agitation, stress, and other negative emotions do nothing but harm your mental and physical wellbeing. 

This is why it’s important to have some degree of emotional intelligence, so you can recognize when you need to calm down, understand what things in your environment or situation are making you feel this way, and then to actually work towards improving your situation. Certain daily rituals like meditation and working out can help a lot to improve your reaction to things, and so can making long-term changes in your life to combat situations that are negatively affecting you. 

Keep reading to find out some of the things you can do to calm down when you’re stressed or overwhelmed. 

Take A Warm Bath

Warm baths calm the nervous system, and submerging your body in warm water can even help with pain and inflammation. This is why this is one of the most popular ways to relax and unwind on the weekend — and just what you might need if you want to calm down. 

So take a good book and a glass of wine in the bathtub, and forget all your worries for a bit. 

Get Some Extra Help

In case all other methods fail, you can always contact a mental health expert and discuss other possible treatments for your issue. According to Me Box Time, “a spotlight on CBD products has shown that they have the unique ability to help people deal with anxiety.” 

There are also other products that can help your mental health, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. 

Keep A Journal

Reflecting on your feelings and expressing your thoughts, be it in a journal or art, can provide you with a healthy outlet for your feelings and emotions. This can also allow you a healthy way to process your thoughts instead of letting negative feelings go unaddressed. 

Your journaling can be in any form — be it an anonymous blog on the internet or a little diary tucked under your pillow. 

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the fastest ways to calm down in the moment. Practicing mindful breathing and taking deep breaths can help you get out of that frenzied state you go into when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, helping you to focus and ground yourself more. You can also practice your breathing by using a breathing app for anxiety.

This in turn allows you to view your current situation better and helps you make better decisions about how to handle certain situations and conflicts. 

Change The Pace

If you feel angry, stressed, anxious, or sad, you can always take control of the situation and change what’s happening around you. Engaging in an activity that you like, going out for a walk, putting on music, or taking a nap are just some of the many things that will allow you to take a step back from whatever is happening in your life.

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