Four Essential Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Nitrile Gloves

December 13, 2021

Different types of safety gloves are present in the market, depending on the user applications. For example, medical-grade gloves are designed for medical professionals’ use in the healthcare industry. Medical gloves are specifically designed safety gloves that help to prevent cross-communication between the caregivers and the patients. However, many factors need to be considered before buying the best safety gloves.

Nitrile gloves have gained significant popularity and are quickly rising to the top when using disposable safety gloves. There are several reasons for a surge in the usage of nitrile disposable gloves.

This article will help you understand what nitrile gloves are, where they are used, and what factors you need to consider before buying the best nitrile gloves. So, stay with us and continue reading this guide to explore all you need to know about nitrile gloves.

What Are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are disposable medical gloves made of synthetic rubber and are extensively used in the healthcare industry by medical personals. Nitrile gloves are free from latex proteins which means individuals with latex allergies strongly prefer these gloves.

Even if someone is not allergic to latex, he may endanger patients and those who come in contact with it by wearing latex gloves. That’s why nitrile gloves have gained significant popularity in the healthcare industry. In addition to that, Nitrile gloves offer numerous benefits, including flexibility, agility, and a snug fit.

Four Crucial Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Nitrile Gloves

You must keep in mind a few factors while choosing the best nitrile gloves. Let us discuss those factors.

1.    Nitrile Glove Grade

The first thing to consider while choosing nitrile gloves is choosing among two main categories of nitrile gloves, i.e., industrial grade and medical grade. The decision which to choose among the two depends on how and where the gloves will be used.

Industrial Grade Nitrile Gloves

Industrial grade gloves are primarily used when the user deals with harsh chemicals and solvents. Some of the common industries where these gloves are used include; automotive, janitorial, and a few other sectors, including chemical safety and food service. Some of the notable features of these gloves are chemical resistance and high levels of puncture resistance.

Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

On the contrary, medical-grade gloves are commonly used where users have to contact blood-borne pathogens and other such environmental pollutants. These gloves are widely used in hospitals, dental offices, and laboratories. Check out – shopwithmisa

2.    Nitrile Gove Size

Most people neglect the importance of choosing a well-fitting glove. Manufacturing sizes of disposable gloves may vary. Hence, it is always advised to try different samples and choose the most comfortable fit on your hand. Choosing the correct size gloves will enhance your comfort and tactile sensitivity in all applications.

3.    Nitrile Glove Color

Nitrile gloves are available in a variety of colors which might just seem a fashion statement; however, there are various practical tips for utilizing colored nitrile gloves. You can use colored nitrile gloves for different purposes.

For example, blue is a standard color of nitrile gloves and help in differentiating between nitrile and latex gloves in medical application. Similarly, black nitrile gloves are primarily used in oil or harsh environments in the automotive industry. That’s because black gloves hide such messiness.

Furthermore, several options are used with brighter nitrile gloves such as orange, pink, and green. Such gloves improve safety compliance because the gloves can be easily seen. Hence, you come to know your employees are wearing them.

In addition to that, you can also wear a double layer of nitrile gloves for extra protection. That’s how you become aware that a cut or puncture occurs as the bright color becomes visible. Hence, you stay alert of any such issue.

4.    Nitrile Glove Thickness

Nitrile gloves are available in various thicknesses or gauges, ranging from 4-8 mil thick. Most heavy-duty industrial-grade nitrile gloves are 6-8 mil thick. This extra thickness becomes beneficial in providing a thicker barrier of protection which is mainly needed for individuals working in harsh environments.

In addition, thicker gloves provide an enhanced permeation timeframe when you are working with harsh chemicals and offer more tear resistance than their thinner counterparts.

Final Words

Choosing the best nitrile gloves might seem easy, but there are many things that you need to consider while choosing the best option for you. When you plan to buy the nitrile gives next time, do not forget to consider the factors discussed above to make sure you end up choosing the best product for fulfilling your medical or industrial needs.

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