Let Your Miami Trip be Dipped in Luxury Rides, Croquetas, and Cafecitos

March 3, 2022
Miami Trip

Photo by Lorena Grace from Pexels

Miami has Cuban culture at its heart. Cuban meals, the Cuban cigar, and lots of other Cuban things greet you here. The city is a wonderful blend of culture, food, music, and its people.

Whether you are here for a family holiday, a bachelorette party, or just to have some “me” time around, Miami promises to awe you. Renting a car here just completes your trip.

We aren’t talking about ordinary cars. Imagine pulling over in a posh Lamborghini Aventador! Yes, that’s what makes your trip to this Cuban haven complete. An exotic car rental in Miami can help you do this.

If you are here for a celebration, you must celebrate in style. So what if you are here just to hang out in the Little Havana neighborhood or grab a delicious meal at one of the city’s food halls – you ought to drive around in luxury.

A luxury cruise on the roads of Miami

Never thought of doing anything like that? Well, surprise yourselves! Contact one of the prestigious rentals in the city and choose from their fleet of jaw-dropping cars.

Put your credit card on file. Show your valid driver’s license and a matching personal insurance policy. Prove that you are 21 years old.

That’s done. Take the car and explore the city as you have never done before.

Don’t miss Little Havana

This is where you will get confused whether you are truly in Miami or Cuba! Little Havana is where you experience real Cuba. When you rent a Ferrari, we know you don’t want to drive slow. But, in Little Havana, as you drive slowly through the neighborhood streets in your favorite car and observe the surroundings, you would be amazed at the details of things here.

Stop and watch the ‘viejitos’ (elderly men) play dominos in the park. You can also park your car at a suitable place and groove to live music playing at Ball & Chain.

Don’t miss these in Miami!

If you are feeling hungry driving around your luxury-on-wheels, gorge on Cuban staples like cafecito and croquetas.

You can’t be in Miami and not sink your teeth into those lip-smacking croquetas. These deep-fried chunks of creamy ham enveloped in a thin breadcrumb crust are a must-have!

Wash them down with cafecito or Cuban coffee. Miamians love this super-sweet, strong espresso. You will fall in love with it too. The foamy layer of cream on top is inviting.

You need not step inside some fancy restaurant to have these delicacies (although you may want to, in your Ferrari!). Cuban coffee is available at almost all cafes in the city and small stalls on the streets. Mind you, don’t have more than two coffees at a time unless you wish to stay awake the whole night! They are pretty stimulating.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a luxury car rental in Miami and book a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or whatever fancies you. It won’t break your bank. Instead, it would make for some beautiful memories.

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