Best Cremation Jewelry Pieces To Honor Your Loved One

March 26, 2022

When a loved one dies, it can be challenging to find the right way to honor them. Many people choose to cremate their loved ones and then turn to cremation jewelry as a unique way to remember them.

Due to cost, environmental, and religious considerations, the demand for cremation has increased over the past five years. So, keepsake jewelry is a beautiful way to keep a reminder of your lost one.

If you want to know the best cremation jewelry pieces today and the tips on choosing the right piece of jewelry, here is the information.

Necklace With Urn Pendant

A necklace with an urn pendant is a beautiful way to keep your loved one close to your heart. The urn pendant can be made of many different materials, such as glass, metal, or even wood.

If you choose a metal urn pendant, you may want to consider having it engraved with your loved one’s name and dates.

Glass urn pendants are also trendy, as they can be customized with different colors and designs. You can even find glass urn pendants that have a picture of your loved one inside.

Wooden urn pendants are a unique option, and they can be made from different types of wood, such as cherry or walnut.


There are many ways to keep your loved one in your memory after they have passed away. Wearing cremation keepsake jewelry is a beautiful and unique way to do so. Dangle, stud, or hoop earrings are a great way to wear your loved one’s ashes. You can even get creative and have the ashes infused into the metal of the earrings. Cremation earrings are also beautiful to keep your loved one close to you.


Pendants are a classic piece of jewelry and can be worn with anything. You can add the ashes to the pendant or have a small vial of ashes inside the pendant. Zen Engravings can help you customize your pendants. Pendants can be made of many different materials, such as glass, metal, or stone. You can choose a pendant that is simple or elaborate. There are many different styles of pendants. Some of them are:

  • Heart pendants
  • Cross pendants
  • Circle pendants
  • Stone pendants
  • Glass pendants

Pendants can be worn every day or just on special occasions. They make an excellent gift for someone grieving the loss of a loved one. Pendants come in many different price ranges, so you can find one that fits your budget.


Cremation rings are a beautiful way to keep your loved one with you. You can choose from diverse designs or even have a custom ring. For example, this sterling silver band has a small urn inside, which can hold a tiny amount of cremated remains.

Another option is a handcrafted ring made from recycled materials. It features a small compartment that can hold a pinch of ashes. You can even engrave it with your loved one’s name or initials.

Customize your rings by adding birthstones or other meaningful symbols.


Grieving the loss of a family member can be devastating. Wearing cremation jewelry is a way to remind you of your loss while also honoring your memory. You can do it in many unique ways, as mentioned above.

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