An Overview Into The History Of Gas Ducted Heating

March 27, 2022
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As winters get tougher with time, you get crankier while waking up to a cold house and then going to an even colder bathroom. All you want is that the warmth of your blanket should engulf your entire house; so what is stopping you? It might be the variety of home-heating options available on the market. You would definitely not want to be troubled with a heater that would cost you a great deal for installation and functioning, be an environmental disaster or prove to be unsuitable for you, home decor and lifestyle. 

The choice is quite easy to make. Ducted heating always comes on top as a solution. Here’s a list of reasons why gas ducted heating should be used by all Melbourne residents. Gas ducted heating effectively and quickly heats up an entire house, giving comfort to the residents even on terribly cold nights or icy mornings. 

  • Gas ducted heating is one of the many sustainable and efficient ways to heat up your home.
  • It saves us money due to its low running costs. 
  • Using zoning technology, everybody can change their own temperature at their convenience. 
  • It is energy-efficient, as it uses natural gas rather than electricity.
  • There are endless options where you can install it, be it over your roof or on the floor.
  • Due to gas ducted heating giving an even distribution of air, there won’t be any cold spots left in your house.
  • It’s visually unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Few Things You Need To Know About Ducted Heating

Ducted Heating Is Flexible and Versatile—Can Be Adapted as per the House’s Needs

Ducted heating is the best heating solution for your house especially due to its versatility.  Ducted heating services can be given in almost any of the houses. It’s not of importance where you stay—whether you are an ancient Queenslander or the owner of a new apartment—there are a variety of options that will perfectly suit your heating needs and your floor plans. 

The two major choices available are:

  • Gas ducted heating
  • Ducted reverse-cycle AC

What Does Gas Ducted Heating Do?

Gas ducted heating is a kind of heating system that functions on natural gas or LPG. Gas ducted heating is created in such a way so as to draw air into your home. Gas combustion heats up the air to give instant warmth, as it passes via the exchange unit. Then the air is sucked back into the wall or the ceiling before getting recirculated via the system again.

They are among the cleanest heating systems in the market due to the lesser production of carbon dioxide. The ducted heating installation takes place generally on the roof or wherever the position is suitable. 

Gas Ducted Air Conditioning For Reverse Cycle

This ducting is actually an AC that also plays the role of a heater in winters. The reverse-cycle AC is powered by electricity and consists of a coil, fan and compressor. It uses refrigerant in order to cool the air and propel it across the entire house through a system of ducts. When it is in the reverse-cycle mode, it draws heat from the air outside and removes the coldness from the house, while heating up the whole house. 

Ducted heating units are available in a wide range of options. It’s a great option even if you have a comparatively smaller house and need each and every inch of the floor and wall space available. Ducted heating will not intrude into your space as the units of the heating system will be placed out of the house, which will make it out of your mind as well.

Ducted Heating Can Solve All the Heating Problems in One Go

The beauty of ducted heating lies in its ability to provide heat for the whole house evenly with just a single system. It can fit all sizes of homes and can be kept wherever satisfies your heating needs. 

The Installation Is Easy

The installation doesn’t take much time. You may be installing it today and might as well start using the ducted heating by tomorrow. This shows that only a few hours of labour cost will sit on you, making this an affordable option for your budget. While installing the reverse-cycle AC that caters to your heating and cooling needs, the installation is done just one time for both your cooling and heating systems. This saves you the charges of installing another such unit, space and time.

Additionally, the ducted heating repairs are quite long-lasting and reliable, which also contributes to downsizing your budget.

Ducted Heating Is A Great Option For Asthmatics And Allergic People

It is natural to be wary of cooling and heating systems because of your asthma or allergy. But be rest assured, ducted heating assists you by filtering the air. Thus, it removes dust and allergens to some extent by its filtering process. 

If you are asthmatic or have some respiratory condition, it is natural for you to want an even temperature to be maintained at your home, especially just before the sun rises, when the temperature outside dips dramatically at times. With ducted heating, it gets easier to precisely control and stabilises the ambient temperature within the house, even when it’s freezing cold or blowing gales outside. 

Ducted Heating—The Safest Option

Ducted heating is the safest option for you to have at your home, particularly if you have young children or pets. In contrast to open fire, radiant heater or a gas wall heater, the possibility for burns due to coming in contact with hot surfaces gets completely eliminated through the installation of any ducted heating system.

The absence of a naked fire and flame or ignition points within the reaching zone of curious paws and fingers can also be greatly reduced, which could cause a fire to rage in your home. If safety is your main concern, then ducted heating is your way to go about it. 

There are many heaters and coolers available in and around Melbourne. Brivis ducted heaters, Bonaire ducted heaters and Braemar ducted heaters can be looked into while selecting the company from which you would like to buy your heater in the future.

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