Six Tips For A Low-Maintenance Garden

May 10, 2022

If you have a garden and you enjoy spending time out there sitting in the sun, relaxing with a good book, or watching the birds and the bees go by, but you do not really enjoy the grind of gardening, you need a low-maintenance yard.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for a low-maintenance garden you will love:

1. Cover some of it

If you have a garden that is mainly made up of lawn. Then covering some of it with patio slabs or decking is a good way to lower the maintenance levels while still ensuring it looks good and giving you a nice place to sit and enjoy the yard. Just make sure you use a reputsble company like Deck Guardian – Industry leading decking company to uninstall your decking because a good installation means a lot less maintenance overall.

2. Fake it ‘til you make it

If you like the look of a lush green lawn, but you really hate to waste time mowing, seeding, and feeding it, then why not fake it? Artificial grass is really popular right now, and it is a great quick fix for anyone who does not exactly relish the prospect of lawn care.

3. Go for evergreens

Evergreen plants are really low-maintenance because they will stay green and beautiful all year round providing they have enough sunlight and water, which means you do not need to pull them up or replant a brand new set each year.

4. Use planters

If you do want to have flowers in your low-maintenance garden and why would not you — they are so beautiful then planting them in raised planters or tubs is probably going to make life easier for you. You will not have to do nearly so much digging and weeding, and you can move the tubs around at different times of the year to make the most of the sunlight or to protect them from the elements.

5. Shrubs are good

Shrubbery is great because it takes very little maintenance. You may need to cut them back now and angina when they start to get overgrown, but other than that they will look fantastic, provide shape, color and body to your garden, and keep the place looking lush and green, even if you are not particularly green-fingered.

6. Plant a wildflower meadow

If you do not require a garden that is formal and fancy, then a really good way to create a beautiful space that requires very little maintenance is to simply plant a wildflower garden. Sew the seeds and let them grow as they will. You will be left with a long, luscious rainbow carpet of colors, shapes, and smells that are simply stunning.

7. Mulch

Mulching your garden may seem like a big effort, but if you can force yourself to do it, then it will pay off when you have far fewer weeds to deal with later on, which is why it is really worthwhile.

Now you can enjoy a beautiful garden without having to work too hard to keep it that way!

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