Four Tips For Planning The Perfect Date Night

September 15, 2022

For those that have been in relationships for a while now, thinking of new ideas for date night can be tricky. And for those that are single but are out there looking for love, planning the perfect first date can also be a minefield within itself. That is why we have come up with four expert tips on how to plan the perfect night that your partner – or your first date – will never forget.

Take them out to a nice restaurant

Struggling to pin down the perfect venue? It is difficult to go wrong with taking your date out for dinner at restaurants around downtown Cincinnati. Whether it is your favorite chain in the centre of the city or your independent local eatery, food dates are a win-win situation for your first, second, or even eighty-sixth date! Do not want to sit down for a full meal? Try mixing food and activities together on a bowling date, a visit to a fast-food karaoke venue, or grab a snack to go before playing vintage games at your local arcade bar.

Have a date night at home

For couples used to living at home together, leaving the house for date night is always a great idea, however, some of the best date nights also happen at home. Enjoy a night in watching a movie and eating a takeaway (great for a first date if you are going from friends to more) or plan a romantic evening in the garden or on your terrace. If you are planning a date on tight purse strings, you can also swap your takeaway for a home-cooked meal using a recipe kit or delivery box of goodies! Getting a few packs of best THC edibles can also light up the atmosphere for you and your partner if you are trying to relax together.

Dress to impress

If you are heading out on the first date, you will want to make a memorable impression – and dressing to impress is certainly a great way to do this. Whether it is a bright pop of color guaranteed to cause a stir, or shopping for elegant date night dresses for a fancier affair, planning your wardrobe for the date can make it seem even more special. And dressing to impress is not just for first dates! For partners that have been together for a long time, planning an outfit guaranteed to wow will also spice up your time together – especially if you both go shopping separately for something new to wear!

Talk about their interests

Especially for those heading out on a first date, this tip is a really important piece of advice you should not forget. Being engaged and talking about your date’s interest is one of the most mentioned first date tips from guys, so it really must be important! Showing you are listening by paying close attention or picking up something in advance they have spoken about liking before – like something they collect or their favorite chocolates – will show you care and definitely help make sure the date goes off on the right foot.

With these 4 pieces of expert advice, you can make sure that every date night you go on – be it while you are looking for the one (or if you have already found them) – will go swimmingly. And remember, the best piece of advice out there is to just be yourself! 

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