Seven Ways A Mom Can Wind Down At The Weekend

October 17, 2022

The busy life of a mom

It is no secret that moms are insanely busy human beings. If you think about it, when was the last time you heard a mom say she had plenty of time? Enough time to rest, recharge and relax after a busy week, for example. For most mothers, it is a difficult task to find time to carve out personal time without feeling a sense of “mommy guilt.” We can find guides for most things online, like building furniture, following recipes, and even a guide for adult gaming. But there is not a set manual for moms, as each case is different. We can offer tips on how to recapture some much-needed zen in your life, as everyone needs a break from their job, including the most demanding job of all… being a mom.

Seven ways to wind down

1. Clear the clutter

When we have kids, it is easy to compare them to a tornado around the house. Naturally, this means there will be clutter everywhere, which will take a toll on how organized your brain can feel. Something that helps you recentre your brain is to tackle each of these cluttered areas one by one. Doing this will help to lower stress levels and lead to a clearer mind. It can help bring a peaceful atmosphere into your home, making it a comfortable space for you to relax.

2. Wake up early

Having space in the morning means that you have the opportunity to do something for you before the day starts. Perhaps just taking half an hour to go for a walk around your neighborhood, grab a hot drink, or do ten minutes of journaling, yoga, or even reading a book. Being able to wind down at the end of the day actually starts at the beginning of the day. Start as you mean to go on!

3. Assign your kids tasks

It is no secret that kids love to be helpful; by enabling this, you are setting them up well for the future. Assigning them some activities will relieve the pressure from you and can also be made into something fun. Whether that is helping to make dinner, cleaning up their toys from around the house, or setting up bath time. The end of the day especially can be a busy time, but making a list of fun to-dos can make the family come together and allow you to sit down for a rest.

4. Take regular breaks

It is important to take advantage of the rare moments without the kids and work. As much as things might feel like they are piling up, do not worry. The dishes can wait! Everyone goes through ups and downs throughout the day, and that is totally fine. Re-set, re-group your thoughts, and start again. It is essential that you take the time to decompress mentally, whether during a car ride home or eating your lunch. It is important to take small moments to listen to what your mind and body need so you do not burn out.

5. Play your favorite music

Music is a great endorphin booster throughout the day. Set up your favorite playlist so you can soundtrack your day, let out any emotions you might be feeling, and make everyday tasks a bit more fun. Enjoy the little things in life.

6. Do some exercise

Doing exercise, with or without your little ones, will help you feel those endorphins. You could go on a long walk with the kids, enjoy some local classes or get out alone in the morning or evening for a run. This is the perfect chance to get your body moving in a way that is good for both your physical and mental health.

7. Have hobbies

Starting a new hobby can happen at any time in your life and does not have to stop just because you have become a mom. It is important to remember that you had a life before having children, and with them around, this does not have to stop. You could enjoy gardening, seek out a local book club, or anything in between that brings you joy when you have free time. It is essential to carve out this time for yourself to have something truly yours away from your children.

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