How To Сhoose Vapes For Women: The Best Weed Pen Review

October 20, 2022

Electronic cigarettes are part of the lives of many women who choose to vape. I will not elaborate on the consequences of vaping. You are an adult and free to choose. This article is not meant to promote or encourage vaping or smoking. The idea is to introduce you to different models of e-cigarettes for women that combine aesthetics and quality.

Among the variety of vape devices, it can be easy to get lost. That is why taking into account the appearance and size of the device. Therefore, we have prepared for you four of the most appropriate options for the best weed pens

The Best E-Cig For Women: Which One To Choose?

This is not an electronic cigarette designed for women, but just a choice that wants to be a little more feminine.

Many women prefer e-cigarettes over classic cigarettes. Some do it to quit smoking. Some do it for the pleasure of smoking. They indeed have the advantage that they do not give off a strong and pungent odor that stays on your hair or clothes like a classic cigarette. Instead, we can love to vaporize and still be flirty.

E-cigarette models are mainly designed for men: they are big and entirely masculine. But many women use them daily, and you can find a more sophisticated and refined model.

Some e-cigarettes are prominent and take up a lot of space. It is not very elegant and looks imposing in your purse. They should be reserved preferably for avid smokers who use their vapers heavily. The size depends on performance.

We look for, if possible, more discreet and elegant e-cigarette models that easily fit in a small purse or pocket. There are enough e-cigarette references on the market to find one that appeals to you and fits your habits.

#1 KandyPens Crystal

KandyPens is a well-known concentrate vaporizer brand from the United States. Its smooth, Crystal clear vapor is great for gals. 

KandyPens Crystal is a quality pen vaporizer for concentrates, waxes, and extracts. The American-made vaporizer features a quartz atomizer that produces even vapor without contamination. In addition, the atomizer has many small holes that provide better airflow and, therefore, a better vaping experience. To top it off, the Crystal supports direct charging, so you can extend your sessions if you have access to an outlet.

#2 Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Women are usually looking for something easy to use. In this regard, all vaporizers pale compared to the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer pen. With its rounded mouthpiece, the impressive vaporizer provides efficient airflow, enhancing the flavor of your wax and potent concentrates.

Efficient and slim, the Aurora comes with a rechargeable battery, three different atomizers, and magnetic technology. This eliminates the threat of pasty wires and disconnection from your device. Users will be pleased to know that Aurora has three different temperature settings. The dual quartz rod sprayer can be used for low-viscosity oils, and the dual ceramic rod sprayer can be used for waxy oils. 

#3 Vaporisateur PAX 3

The original PAX revolutionized the vaporizer market. Then PAX 2 continued this evolution. And today PAX 3 reaches the heights of perfection. It has everything you loved about PAX 2 in an improved version. PAX 2 is still on the market and selling well, but PAX has renewed its popularity by offering PAX 3, which is more competitive than ever. This stylish device vaporizes dry herbs and discreetly concentrates them. Its small body makes it ultra-portable and easy to use on the go without sacrificing vapor quality. It is far superior to many portable vaporizers sold at similar prices today. What’s more, the 10-year warranty should convince users.

#4 The Pax ERA PRO

PAX introduces its Era Pro vaporizer, an updated and more feminine version of the Era model. It is a portable vaporizer that works with pre-filled cannabis oil capsules. It has tactile feedback and remembers your preferred temperature and dosage settings. 

The technology provides a comfortable, accurate, and consistent vaping experience with every session. However, you can adjust the settings to your preference in one of four preset temperatures, from the lowest to the highest. The device also has side vents for increased airflow and soft, flavorful vapor.

Why Should Women Choose The Best Dry Herb Vape Pen?

In addition to the elegant design, the weed pen has other advantages. Cannabis and nicotine vapors overlap in effect. This may explain why it is the most popular type of vape among women who quit smoking. Still, for many, this topic is unexplored. So let us find out what this device is.

Weed vape pens are used with CBD, THC, or other herbal remedies, from dry herbs to concentrates. These vaporizers come in many shapes. Like smoking accessories such as bongs, bubblers, bowls, and dab fixtures, there are many cannabis and CBD vaporizers. Tabletop vaporizers are the most effective option for dry herbs and wax. Still, suppose you are on the go. In that case, reliable, portable pen-style vaporizers provide vaping with all the benefits of the substance and eliminate the problems associated with smoking: smoke, either bad smells, or adverse health effects from smoke inhalation.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Vape Pen For Weed

Here are some things to consider when buying a vape pen:

Quality of vapor. The material that the vape pen is made of indicates the quality of the vapor it can produce.

Portability. It should be one of the deciding factors when buying a vape device. Electronic cigarettes should not be too heavy to carry around. 

Material. Quality materials should be used to make it. The coils should be durable and functional. Poor-quality coils may have to be replaced more often.

Now you have learned everything you need about the best weed vape pen for women. But it will always be a personal choice. Most important are your needs, budget, and willingness to mess around with the electronics.

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