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December 23, 2022

In a world where the customer is king, user experience and user satisfaction is of the utmost importance for a business or brand. Selling your product or service based on the customer’s needs is expected from a brand, but providing them with a memorable experience that stands out keeps them coming back for more. A good user experience plays a crucial part in creating brand loyalty and customers for life. 

Understanding user experience to prototyping 

User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products. In layman’s terms, user experience consists of all the interactions and exchanges a user has with a product or service. 

Let us take an example, you try out a new grocery-delivery app. A good user experience would be to make the application an easy to use and hassle-free buying experience for you. Instead, every time you put something in the cart, it starts promoting its own products and makes the checkout process unnecessarily complicated. There is a good chance that the customer would never use the application again and would instead end up using a more convenient one.

This is where product designers come in.

It is a product designer’s job to design the product in such a way that not only does the product solve the customers’ problems but also provides a good user experience. Taking the earlier example, the application solved the problem of delivering groceries for you, but your experience with the product would not make you want to use it again. 

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Design Thinking  plays an integral role when conceptualizing and designing new digital products. A user experience strategy or a UX strategy is a technique that aligns UX goals with the product and company. It portrays how the company wants its consumers to use and experience the brand and its products hence, UX designers have to make sure they consider the digital strategy when they make decisions.

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How important are design and digital strategy?

When designing a product, the designer’s primary focus is the user, as it should be. But when your main focus is on the user, you tend to forget about the brand and its goals. The sole purpose of a UX strategy is to bring the designer’s focus to the product and the brand experiences, the design and product engineering should reflect what the brand wants to convey to its customers. It aligns the brand’s promise with the user experience and gives the entire company an understanding and significance of user experience design.

Delivering  successful product design and innovation, from strategy to delivery. 

In an ever-evolving world, where the customer is always king, product design studios in Mumbai have grown and perfected themselves over the years enabling them to provide their consumers with an impeccable user experience. Future Factory is amongst those product design studios that have developed effective digital strategies that provide the user with an extraordinary user experience. 

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