How To Pack Glass For Moving

December 20, 2021

Glass and things made out of glass are a crucial part of the shifting process. They are sensitive and need extra care while handling. So we have to know some tips to handle sensitive things to avoid breakage. Mishandling can also cause severe accidents. You need some basic precautions to avoid breakage and accidents. Let us have a look at some tips to handle and pack glass for moving:

Take A Right Sized Box

You need to take a box that is neither too large nor too small. Large boxes are usually difficult to carry and handle. You have to take a medium-sized box in which you can put a considerable amount of glass. And you can also carry it easily. Instead of making one large box, you can take two medium-sized boxes that can be handled easily. Similarly, instead of carrying very small boxes one by one, you can carry one or two medium-sized boxes easily. A medium-sized box can be carried by a single person very easily.

Protect The Bottom

Before putting glass in the box you have to put some material to make a strong base. You can put cushion material or newspaper in the box. But you have to take care that the ink of newspaper can be transferred on the glass. So you have to wash them before reusing them.

Pack Glass

Before putting glass in the box you have to pack them separately. You can pack them with the help of paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap. You can see that which material will be suitable for you. Start packing from the corner of paper or bubble wrap and wrap it around the glass gently. At the end protect them with Scotch tape. Protect the base of glass as well. Pack them in a way the edges can remain protected. If the glass is fancy or decorated, you have to pack them gently. If the glass are of a simple round shape. You can save your paper and bubble wrap by wrapping them in a single paper or bubble wrap.

Make A Pattern

Take care of the things like making a pattern of putting large ones at the bottom and small-sized at the top. Similarly, put heavy ones at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Make a careful pattern if the glass is of different shapes. You have to fill unnecessary space will extra material like paper or bubble wraps. If the glass is extra sensitive you can put bubble wrap after each layer of glass. If you take professional services for moving they take extra care of sensitive material and take responsibility for breakage and mishandling. Movingist provides you all the essential information which is required to make your moving process easy 

Protect The Top

To fill extra space you can put extra material. Extra material will fill the space and protect glass as well. After doing this put the same material on the top as you put at the bottom to protect the glass and avoid accidents while carrying the box. You also have to put some material on the sides of the box to avoid cracks while traveling.

Check The Box

After filling the box check by moving the box that the glass is touching with each other in the way that they can get broken or not. Check it by carrying and moving it. If the box will be properly filled, the glass will not move and touch with each other. This will decrease the chances of breaking and accidents. The box should be filled with cushion-like material or paper. The bottom, top, and each side should be properly secured. This will avoid any kind of cracking. Edges of glass will also stay protected.  If you are satisfied with packing. Then you have to secure the box.

Secure The Box

Secure the box with Scotch tape. You can put extra scotch tape or glue on sensitive parts of the box. If you want to reuse the box. Pack them in a way that they can be unpacked easily without tearing them. Secure the box from each side until you are satisfied with packing and securing. At the end put a tag or label on the box. It will help you in a way that after moving you can easily find the required box. You can put a label or simply write on the box. The title could be “glass” or if you have a large collection of can write the name of a certain type of glass to recognize them before unpacking. In this way, you can easily transmit things to a certain room or kitchen. You can guide your helpers to keep a certain box at a certain place. And unpack them later when you have a suitable time.

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