Five Awesome Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean And Healthy

November 25, 2017

Though cleaning cannot precisely be fun, it does not have to be a tiring chore. Sure, there is always a lot to do around the house, but let us face it, you are the one who made the mess in the first place, so it is only fair that you should clean it. Your household members should pitch in too, as things will move along much more quickly when there is more than one pair of hands on the job. To speed things along even more, here are five awesome hacks to keep your home clean and healthy:

1. Quick Microwave Cleanup

Scrubbing the hardened grime in the microwave is not exactly a fun activity, and whenever there is a chance to avoid scrubbing, jump at it. There is a much quicker and more effective way to get a clean microwave and like with most cases when it comes to cleaning, white vinegar is the solution. Pour equal parts of water and vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl, put in a toothpick or a chopstick into it (any small wooden object will do), to prevent any boiling. After that, all you need to do is let your microwave work for up to 10 minutes and let the steam cleaning begin. When it is all done, wipe your microwave clean and it is ready to be used again. Professionals from shared this secret with us and it works like a charm.

2. Did You Check the Air Vents?

Air vents are the nesting place of dust and germs and if you forget to clean them, they will continually disperse dirt all over your house, not to mention that the air will not be able to get out either. Thankfully, the vacuum cleaner will help you get rid of this issue, just use the small brush extension to reach and clean the air vent. If it is not enough, consider wrapping a cleaning cloth around a long stick or butter knife and cleaning the air vent inside too.

3. Dryer Sheets To The Rescue

When you have used up your dryer sheets to make your clothes all fluffy and smelling wonderful, be smart and do not throw them away just yet. These little helpers can help a lot around the house, only if you know how to use them wisely. Use dryer sheets to make mirrors and screens in your home spotless and when you are done there, move on to your kitchen, the sheets will get rid of the water spots in no time. You can also use them for dusting of small surfaces like baseboards or doorframes and non stick bakeware set. Give it a try!

4. Clean Blinds

If you have blinds in your home, then you know how annoying it is to clean them all, one by one. The way to make the process quicker and more fun is to use water and vinegar (equal parts) and an old sock that will make the cleaning much easier. All you have to do is get your water-vinegar solution, dip your sock into it and then wipe the blinds clean in a jiffy.

5. Microfiber And Rubbing Alcohol Mix Well

When you have children, chances are that you have stains all over your furniture and possibly walls. If there is a microfiber couch or sofa that needs cleaning, you can do it with rubbing alcohol. Use a spray bottle to cover your couch with alcohol, then start scrubbing with a white sponge. You will not be impressed with the amount of dirt that you will find, but you will be happy once you have it all out. For the final touch, use a scrubbing bristle brush to re-fluff the microfiber and voila, the couch is ready to get dirty again.

From what you have read, you can see that cleaning can be cut short with hacks and tricks, the only glitch is to find out what truly works. These five hacks will definitely make a difference in your cleaning sprees, just give them a go!

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