How to Turn Customers Into Brand Evangelists

January 27, 2023


It is an excellent achievement for a business to retain current customers and attract new ones. Turning customers into fans requires offering them quality customer service that goes beyond selling them a good product.

Simply put, a brand evangelist is a person who enthusiastically promotes your product because they firmly believe in it.

A customer simply purchases your goods or services, while a brand evangelist takes it further by “preaching” about their interactions with your company to others.

How to Turn Customers into Fans

Have you ever tried to imagine how celebrities feel when they walk to a hall or stadium full of people who love what they do?

Their fans do everything in their power to be present and see them perform.

Businesses that enjoy a substantial online following foster the same kind of fandom as major celebrities. Just as people fill stadiums to watch their best artists perform, fans of various brands flock to their social media feeds and narrate their experiences with the brand.

Here’s how to turn your pop-in customers into fans:

1.   Offer exceptional customer service

Equipping staff with excellent customer service skills is one of the critical ingredients of brand excellence. Instead of just making a sale, train them to develop enduring connections with clients instead of just making a sale.

2.   Maintain transparency

Trust is a vital component of client loyalty. The most prosperous businesses are those that are open about their issues and even ask their customers for assistance.

As a manufacturer of goods meant for consumption, such as granola, build customer trust by being transparent about sourcing. A well-designed granola packaging pouch can clearly display this and any other important information.

Sending out an annual (or quarterly) survey to your consumers is an excellent practice because they are the ones who are most familiar with your product. Find out where you can improve by asking them. How was their interaction with your staff? Was the product up to their standards?

When the results are in, let your customers know the most important findings to demonstrate that you are paying attention to their input.
By book publishing services the poll findings, evangelists will feel that their suggestions can result in significant changes.

3.   Create an unforgettable customer experience

With some finesse, excellent customer service can turn an unpromising situation around and create a chance to get repeat business. Findings from a recent survey revealed that more than 60% of consumers in the US are willing to pay more for products if a brand offers them top-notch customer service. The opposite is also true.

Keep the Conversation Going

Brand advocates will most likely share positive experiences about your brand on social media. Keep the conversation going and make the evangelist feel appreciated- but how will you do this?

Simply retweeting and responding to their posts is enough to spur positive feelings. Additionally, you can send them a discount voucher or a gift to express your gratitude for displaying their love for you on the internet.

Your social media team can create a customer spotlight where you will be able to offer your devoted customers a chance to shine. Profiling them is a great way to pay them back for their continued patronage.

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