How to Curate Your Personal Home Aesthetic

February 4, 2023

Curating your personal style is something many people struggle with when building a wardrobe, let alone designing an entire house. Luckily, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. After all, it’s all about discovering and combining things you like! Here are some tips for curating your personal home aesthetic so that you can come home after a long day of work feeling comfortable and inspired.

Make a Plan

Whether you want to go big with a whole remodel, or make a few changes here and there, you shouldn’t dive into decorating without a plan. What kind of budget are you looking at? If you already have an idea of some style elements, you might know if your tastes tend to lean towards expensive or not. If you do decide your home needs work done, now is a great time to make sure all of your insurance policies, including your personal liability coverage, are up to date. Remodeling might mean you need to move furniture, use a different bathroom, eat takeout, or find another place to stay entirely, so the sooner you make those decisions, the better. 

Identify Sources of Inspiration

If you’re not sure how to find elements of your style, keep a journal or your phone handy. You never know what you’ll discover going about your daily life, so it’s nice to be able to snap a picture and make a quick note whenever you find something unexpected that inspires you. This might be colors, a style of art, a genre of media, or a type of architecture. Once you find one, you’ll probably be led to others. Flipping through art books is a great way to get those juices flowing.


Once you have some style elements you enjoy, you need to figure out how they go together and can be used in a living space. This is where many people get tripped up. You can consult some experts, even if it’s just some home decor resources. You can also start experimenting with collage. Cut and print out photos of all of those inspirational design elements, then start placing them together. Don’t glue just yet. Move things around, layer elements, and don’t be afraid to be bold. Mix prints, textures, and colors you wouldn’t normally think to put together. That’s where the magic happens. 

Be Patient

Once you’re starting to see your aesthetic come together, it can be tempting to go out and splurge to see your vision come to life as soon as possible. This is where people tend to get frustrated. Either they can’t find items that fit their needs, or those items are too expensive. Decorating a whole house tends to take time unless you have unlimited funds. If you gradually style your home by adding items you love as you discover them, you’ll end up with a space that is far more authentic and exciting than if you rush. Plus, the discovery is part of the adventure! Thrifting may just become your new favorite hobby.

Have Fun

Curating your personal style is a lifelong journey. As you change and grow, so too will the things that excite and inspire you. This isn’t a process that’s meant to end but to evolve. Plus, redecorating is common and expected. If you’re having trouble deciding on a style you like, you can pick one for now, and revisit another whenever you decide to refresh your space. Don’t stress about making your home look like the magazines, especially if those styled shoots aren’t to your tastes. Remember that no matter how beautiful your home is, you still have to live there! For example, the fun-colored couch may be less fun if the fabric isn’t comfortable. 

While it can take some time to figure out your style preferences, the investment can go a long way in creating a home you’re proud of. With a little patience, you can create a space you love to live in.

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